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What You Don't Know about the Knights of Columbus Could Fill a Book—and It Has!

What You Don't Know about the Knights of Columbus Could Fill a Book—and It Has!

Posted: 2020/03/09

Garden City Park, NY: On March 9, 2020, Square One—in partnership with the Knights of Columbus—will publish The Knights of Columbus: An Illustrated History by Andrew T. Walther and Maureen H. Walther with a Foreword by Carl A. Anderson ($34.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0308-0).

Reviews are already starting to come in, all of which have been excellent:

“An approachable, worthwhile history of a venerable Catholic brotherhood.” —Kirkus Reviews

“This well-designed history will be informative to any reader.” —Publishers Weekly

“Chronicles the group’s activities, from helping in the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake through Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and beyond.” —Booklist

As reported and shown recently in the "Picture this" section of the Catholic News Agency (CNA) website, co-author (and VP of Communications for the K of C) Andrew Walther had the privilege and honor of presenting an advance copy of this hardcover title to His Holiness Pope Francis. (To see the article that features this historic photograph, click here.)

This beautifully designed full-color coffee table book—with more than 500 photographs in B&W and color throughout—is the story of all the sacrifice and inspiring work that resides at the heart of this well-meaning and civically-minded fraternal organization. From its 1882 founding by Father Michael J. McGivney with a handful of Catholic men in New Haven, Connecticut to the present day, the Knights have gone on to become an international brotherhood of almost 2 million members across the US and throughout the world.

With the book's release slated for this month (March 2020)—the time of the K of C's annual Founder's Day celebration—and with support at the store and online level, we believe that this book is bound to become a bestseller. To read a recent op-ed piece on the new book from esteemed African-American conservative columnist Ken Blackwell ("The Knights of Columbus, Blacks and the Fight for Civil Rights and Justice"), please click here.

The Knights of Columbus: An Illustrated History is available starting March 9, 2020 online, at Barnes & Noble, and at independent bookstores throughout North America.