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Vitamin D3 Deficiency Among the African-American Community During Coronavirus: This Is Nothing New

Vitamin D3 Deficiency Among the African-American Community During Coronavirus: This Is Nothing New

Posted: 2020/04/24

Garden City Park, NY: In a recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece ("Vitamin D and Coronavirus Disparities"), noted physician Vatsal G. Thakkar shared results of a new research study conducted by medical experts with Northwestern University and Boston Medical Center. The study reveals that those countries with the highest mortality rates thus far—France, Italy, and Spain—also are among those nations with the lowest average vitamin D levels during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Here at home in the US, it has been made abundantly clear that the African-American community has seen more deaths as a result of the Coronavirus than any other. While much is being made about the economic and sociological factors that are leading to these statistics, the reality of vitamin D deficiency among our country's black population also plays a major role.

With proper vitamin D3 supplementation, however, this ongoing vulnerability among African Americans stands a chance of being stopped in its tracks. This, in fact, was the recommendation—based on the existing evidence then—that our author Richard W. Walker, Jr., MD first made, and has maintained vigilantly, for more than a decade now.

As the author of African-American Healthy: What You Need to Protect Your Health ($15.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0361-5), Dr. Walker has long maintained that a sturdy daily dosage of vitamin D3 is crucial to an African-American cititzen's defense against those diseases that continue to decimate the community: hypertension, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, renal failure, cancer—and now, of course, COVID-19.

Winner of the IBPA Benjanim Franklin Award for Best Health Title, African-American Healthy has won the praise of Publishers Weekly ("Walker's efforts will undoubtedly prove valuable"), Library Journal ("Provides good, commonsense advice for African Americans concerned about their health"), and syndicated book reviewer Terri Schlichenmeyer ("If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, this is a book to run to") among others.

Since it has now been proved that vitamin D3 deficiency has played such a significant role in Coronavirus-related deaths, the hope here is that all people who wish to strengthen their immunity with an eye towards better health in the future will look into this more seriously.

African-American Healthy is available on, and wherever else books are sold.

African-American Healthy

Winner of the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Health TitleIt's no secret that African-Americans top the list of groups afflicted by hypertension, stroke, diabetes, heart disease, renal failure, and cancer. What the statistics do not show is the pain, misery, and despair that these conditions create, not only for the individual, but also for family and friends. As an African-American ...
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