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New AGE-less Diet is front-page news at Bottom Line/Personal!

New AGE-less Diet is front-page news at Bottom Line/Personal!

Posted: 2016/12/05

Going out now to a circulation of 1.5 million readers, the popular consumer magazine Bottom Line/Personal has a featured front-page article dedicated to the groundbreaking study of Dr. Helen Vlassara, author along with bestselling cookbook author and nutritionist/dietitian Sandra Woodruff and Gary E. Striker, MD of DR. VLASSARA'S AGE-Less DIET ($16.95 USD, Square One).

The article, entitled "To Live Longer, Cook This Way," focuses on the complex chemical reaction that takes place in foods when cooked in a dry, high heat -- and which result in the production of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs). While the steps one must take to achieve a far lower AGE-level lifestyle are covered in this new article, the 100 AGE-less and delicious recipes in the book help turn the desire for a lifestyle change into an achievable reality.

Applauded by Publishers Weekly for its "lucid explanation of how these chemical compounds damage and age the body" and also reviewed positively by Energy Times and Booklist (who declare the book "inspiring"), DR. VLASSARA'S AGE-less DIET will soon be followed by a companion volume titled THE AGE FOOD GUIDE  (due out in January 2017).