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Square One author Kevin McCarey wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Square One author Kevin McCarey wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted: 2017/02/07   Source: The Savannah Morning News

Garden City Park, NY: At the recent Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary Film Festival in Savannah, Georgia, the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Square One's author Kevin McCarey in recognition of his diverse career and accomplishments in the areas of marine life study, writing, and especially in the realm of documentary filmmaking. [place Savannah Morning News link in the word "filmmaking"]

As reported in The Savannah Morning News, "[Kevin] McCarey has traveled the world for National Geographic Television and Films and has written, directed, supervised and/or produced some 20 films on subjects ranging from the lions of the Kalahari to giant squid." Mr. McCarey is also a three-time Emmy-nominated writer and director who has worked on a Peabody Award-winning series for Turner Broadcasting and won an Emmy, three CINE Golden Eagle Awards and the prestigious Chris Award for his work (in addition to being recognized twice to date for his work as Academy Award semi-finalists). To see the video presentation from the event (featuring Kevin McCarey himself), please CLICK HERE.

While he continues to teach filmmaking in Georgia at the Savannah College of Art and Design, McCarey's most recent book, Islands Under Fire: The Improbable Quest to Save the Corals of Puerto Rico  (Square One: paperback, $$16.95 USD; hardcover, $24.95 USD), continues to win the attention of readers and reviewers alike (having been praised by Publishers Weekly in a starred review as a book that "is rich with humor, misadventure, and triumph . . . an engrossing and joyful trip").

Square One is proud to share news of Mr. McCarey's award, and congratulates him for this recognition of achievement.