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New Pride Month Rave for Tiber's Swan Song . . .

New Pride Month Rave for Tiber's Swan Song . . .

Posted: 2017/06/06

Garden City Park, NY: June is Gay Pride Month, and there is now a wonderful new rave up on Facebook in recognition of the late gay rights pioneer and memoirist Elliot Tiber's final book, After Woodstock.

Earlier today, acclaimed author/memoirist Steven Sorrentino (former VP and Exec PR director at HarperCollins and also Special Events Director at the esteemed Barnes & Noble store located at NYC's 86th & Lexington) posted the following about the third part of the "Tiber Trilogy":

Pride Month Reading Recommendation: Check out this hilarious and often painful (third) memoir of Gay Rights (and Woodstock!) pioneer Elliot Tiber--AFTER WOODSTOCK. He tells his--and a gay culture's--post Woodstock story with such a mixture of humor and pathos but ultimately a story about love, family and self-liberation in the context of another time. Some high points for me were a journey to Belgium to follow his heart, a searing and touching recounting of his father's death and oh the descriptions of the mother!! A scene where Tiber and his lover go to Israel to meet his mom's Russian fiancee and attend their wedding is worth the price of admission alone! Some great descriptive writing here, a wonderful ear for dialogue, and a cultural history lesson for all . . .

Sorrentino's own hilarious and touching first book, Luncheonette: A Memoir (Harper Paperbacks), tells the especially poignant story of Sorrentino's loyal and loving relationship to his family and especially his father during a period of hard illness and recovery. Sorrentino has recently completed his first novel.

Before After Woodstock, Tiber (who passed away last year on August 3, 2016) had written previously the two acclaimed memoirs Taking Woodstock (2007) and Palm Trees on the Hudson (2010). It was Taking Woodstock that was turned into the 2009 feature film directed by two-time Oscar winning director Ang Lee (who wrote an especially gracious and appreciative Foreword to After Woodstock). The popular comedian and all-around creative genius Demetri Martin (who played Tiber in the Ang Lee film) has now released his first film as a director entitled Dean, which is now opening to a number of positive reviews nationwide. And with the 50th anniversary of the original 1969 Woodstock Festival now only a few years away, it seems safe to say that the life and times of Elliot Tiber will remain a zany yet preciously celebrated thing for years to come.