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Co-author of THE CHANGE, Milan Ross, appears on popular TV show, THE LIST

Co-author of THE CHANGE, Milan Ross, appears on popular TV show, THE LIST

Posted: 2017/08/29   Source: Square One Publishers

Garden City Park, NY: Square One’s charismatic new author and lifestyle coach, Milan Ross—who tells the story in his first book The Change about how he lost around 300 pounds by sticking to a whole foods, plant-based diet—appeared yesterday for the first time on the top-rated nationally syndicated TV show THE LIST to talk about his remarkable life story and to give viewers a first glimpse of his newest book with co-author Scott Stoll, MD entitled The Change CookbookUsing the Power of Food to Transform Your Body, Your Health, and Your Life.

To see an edited version of Milan's appearance opposite show co-host Teresa Strasser, feel free to click here. (And to see the unedited half-hour segment between Milan and Teresa, presenting a lot more of his story's details and more time talking about—and eating—some of Milan's most delicious vegan recipes, you can click here.)

The breaking point in Milan's previous struggles with obesity came in June of 2013, when he found he was unable to fit into a seat on the Harry Potter amusement ride at Florida’s Universal Studios Orlando. He and his wife had brought their son, Nigel, to the amusement park as a gift trip for his seventh birthday.

As Milan tells it, “The only request my son made during our entire trip was for me to ride the Harry Potter ride with him. I was well over four hundred and fifty pounds at the time, so in the back of my mind I worried about whether or not I would fit in one of the ride’s seats.”

Milan’s worst fears came true—he couldn’t fit in the harness on the sample seating outside the ride’s platform, and he was unable to grant his son’s only birthday wish by sharing the ride with him. “I was devastated,” recalls Ross, who shares this same story in the acclaimed new health documentary, Eating You Alive. “I made myself a promise. This was going to be the last time I ever let my son down.”

Looking happy and trim in yesterday's segment at only 200 pounds (down from his highest weight of 518 pounds a few years back before he made his change), Milan says he feels better at his present age of 45 years old than he did when he was 25 years old.

In addition to co-writing his two books (the second book, The Change Cookbook, is now a #1 Bestselling "Vegetarian Cooking" title on as of earlier this morning), Milan has also developed his own organic health food line, Full Flavor Vegan, and was recently named an Ambassador for better living by top plant-based protein and supplements giant Sunwarrior.

Next up for Milan will be another national TV appearance next month on NBC's mega-popular morning TV talk show Today. Stay tuned for more amazing news about Milan in the weeks to come! (And feel free to visit to learn more about these two titles listed above, or you can call Square One directly at 1.516.535.2010.)