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Milan Ross Lost Over 300 Lbs., and Has Gained Over 300 Million TV Viewers!

Milan Ross Lost Over 300 Lbs., and Has Gained Over 300 Million TV Viewers!

Posted: 2017/09/25

Garden City Park, New York: Only two weeks ago, West Coast-based weight-loss success story Milan Ross made his first appearance on a nationally syndicated TV program called The List. First aired only last year in 2016, the show has quickly gone on to become an increasingly popular consumer-geared early evening TV talk show with strong ratings across various ABC- and NBC-owned network affiliate stations in: California; New York; Florida; Washington; Maryland; Ohio; Colorado; Michigan; Wisconsin; Indiana; Missouri; Arkansas; Oklahoma; and Milan's own home state of Arizona, in addition to being seen everywhere online.

After sharing his amazing true story of how he lost more than 300 pounds when changing his decades-long "fast food" diet to a "whole foods, plant-based" diet (a.k.a., vegan) in a three-minute segment on The List, viewer enthusiasm about Milan was so strong that it pushed Milan's second book The Change Cookbook (co-authored by Scott Stoll, MD, who also co-authored Milan's first book, The Change) into the #1 best-selling book in the "Vegan/Vegetarian" category on practically overnight. (Meanwhile, Milan's first book, The Change, popped into Amazon's Top 100 books category across all genres at the same time.)

Now, after a second appearance on The List last week proved just as popular, Milan Ross was invited recently to appear nationwide on the acclaimed daytime CBS-TV talk show The Doctors. The appearance will first air this coming Monday, October 2, and it will focus strongly on Milan's first book, The Change (the studio audience were each given a free copy of the book at the taping, courtesy of Milan's publisher Square One). As for The Change
Cookbook, the online version of Milan's visit to The Doctors will also focus on this trade paperback cookbook alongside the health-geared hardcover memoir.

That's not all, though: Based on the strength of Milan's first appearances with them, the producers at The Doctors have already requested Milan to return back to the show another five times during this fall season. In addition, Milan has also just been put on the front cover as the key story in the Fall 2017 issue of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine and he will appear at various of his co-author Dr. Scott Stoll's "Immersion Program" weight-loss events throughout the United States during the rest of this year and into 2018.

With all the promotional activity now starting to break for Milan Ross and his two books, this would be a great time to order quantities of each title so they are available as Milan's star continues to rise.

If you would like more information about The Change and/or The Change Cookbook or would now like to order copies of the book(s), feel free to check them out here on the website.

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