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UNSAFE AT ANY MEAL just named a "Top Summer Read"

UNSAFE AT ANY MEAL just named a "Top Summer Read"

Posted: 2018/07/04

Garden City Park, NY: In addition to celebrating its 18th consecutive year of book publishing independence, Square One is also pleased to share some great news about our book Unsafe at Any Meal by Dr. Renee Dufault.

The book was just named as one of the top "environmental" summer reads of 2018 by the Environmental Health News. (To see the article, click here.)

EHN's staff has this to say about Dr. Dufault's acclaimed new book: "[Dufault's] book is a sobering read, but Dufault does an admirable job making pesticide data and gene expression grippingly relevant. If you're wondering why we're not paying more attention to food supply and regulation as chronic disease conditions and healthcare costs skyrocket, this is a summer read for you."

Unsafe at Any MealWhat the FDA Does Not Want You to Know About the Foods You Eat (Square One Publishers, $16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0436-0) is available from Amazon and/or wherever else books are sold. To learn more about Dr. Dufault, click here for her website or go to