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Square One's new book on Hashimoto's disease hits the ground running

Square One's new book on Hashimoto's disease hits the ground running

Posted: 2019/01/24

Garden City Park, NY: With an estimated 20 million people in the United States alone affected by thyroid problems—the most common of which is Hashimoto's disease—the timing for Square One's newest health title What You Must Know About Hashimoto's Disease ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0475-9) couldn't be better.

Written by accomplished thyroid disease expert Brittany Henderson, MD, together with professional journalist Allison Futterman (herself a Hashimoto's patient who has found home in her treatment with Dr. Henderson), this new book has already earned the attention of the popular websites a.k.a. "The United Voice of Thyroid Patients Worldwide" and the UK-based blogger Rachel Hill, whose website is a top source of information for patients worldwide. These two groups have the following praise to share about the book, now available from or wherever else books are sold:

* "A comprehensive resource of information regarding thyroid disease! Dr. Henderson provides patients with a handbook for understanding the sum of the root causes, as well as the complexities of the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid hormone imbalance."

* Rachel Hill, blogger for"[B]oth medical professionals and thyroid patients themselves can benefit hugely from this book, supplying them with everything they ought to know, so that more people can live well with Hashimoto’s . . . Instead of promoting one treatment plan, [the authors] uphold that there is no one-size-fits-all approach but instead a need to treat each person as the individuals they truly are . . . [the book] is down-to-earth and also crucially honest . . . Overall, this book has become my new favourite."

To hear Dr. Henderson talk in depth about thyroid health and What You Must Know About Hashimoto's Disease, you can listen to her recent hour-long interview on the influential health podcast Doctor Thyroid with host Philip James. To hear the podcast, you can click here or copy/paste the link below on your computer and/or other digital listening device:

In addition, both Dr. Henderson and co-author Allison Futterman discuss what led to them working together on the book in a recently-published interview with People of Charlotte.

What You Must Know About Hashimoto's Disease is available now. More to come on this important new book. Stay tuned.