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Former NYS Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg Honored by NYS Legislature on June 12th

Former NYS Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg Honored by NYS Legislature on June 12th

Posted: 2019/06/12

Garden City Park, NY: After a life spent dedicated to all manner of public service for more than sixty years, former longtime New York State assemblyman and Long Beach City Council member Harvey Weisenberg was honored on June 12 by the New York State Senate and Assembly. (To see presentation, click here - segment starts at 14 min. mark, ends at 33 min.)

In addition to his political service, Mr. Weisenberg has worked tirelessly over the past six decades as a police officer; a special-ed teacher and elementary school assistant principal; and even as, in his own words, "the oldest working lifeguard."

Much of Weisenberg's life, as mentioned in a recent article about him from the Long Island Press, was devoted to the improvement of daily life for special needs families through his work as a politician when "he served for 13 years on the Long Beach City Council and 25 years as a New York State assemblyman, during which time he was responsible for more than 337 bills signed into law." Some of the laws he helped pass during his tenure include: Adam's Law, which requires safety restraints in taxis and delivery vehicles to be clearly visible at all times; Louis' Law, which requires that life-saving defibrillators be made available in all schools; and Jonathan's Law, which demands that "residential care facilities notify and inform parents and legal guardians of children and adults receiving services of [any/all] incidents involving their loved ones" among many others.

The most important part of his life, however, has remained the life and family that he built with his beloved late wife, Ellen, over more than 50 years. In particular, as he writes about so movingly in his memoir For the Love of a Child ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0480-3), much of his life's meaning was crystallized by the love and care he felt for Ellen's son, Ricky, who had been born with cerebral palsy. Now sixty years old and living in a group home in the Plainview section of Long Island, New York, Ricky continues to give a sense of purpose and responsibility to the eighty-four-year old Weisenberg each day. A figure of strength and inspiration for special needs families both across New York and well beyond the state, former NYS Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg has done much to improve the world in which he lives—and for that, he is to be congratulated.