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Harvard's new study shows good effect of cannabis on pancreatic cancer survival rate

Harvard's new study shows good effect of cannabis on pancreatic cancer survival rate

Posted: 2019/08/21

Garden City Park, NY: A new study out of Harvard's Dana-Ferber Cancer Institute—the findings of which have recently been published in the medical journal Frontiers of Oncology—points to a newly-discovered chemical found in cannabis that shows "significant therapy potential" in the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

The drug in question—derived from cannabis flavonoids, which are naturally occurring compounds found in various fruits, plants, and vegetables—has been named FBL-03G.

Since these flavonoids would usually only account for 0.14 percent of the plant in total, genetic engineering has now found a way to aim FBL-03G squarely at all manner of metastatic tumor within the body. Drawing on this as their starting point, the Harvard research team chose to test this flavonoid on pancreatic cancer—one of the fastest-moving forms of the disease, and also one with a tendency of the shortest survival rates.

According to Harvard professor and one of the study's lead researchers Wilfred Ngwa, PhD, though, the effect of FBL-03G in their tests on pancreatic cancer have been remarkable. "The most significant conclusion," notes Ngwa in a recent interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, "is that tumor-targeted delivery of flavonoids, derived from cannabis, enabled both local and metastatic tumor cell kill, significantly increasing survival from pancreatic cancer."

Though not yet tested on human subjects, the Harvard team hopes to complete a spate of pre-clinical trials with this particular flavonoid by the end of next year (2020). In the meantime, there already exists such a range of positive health effects from use of medical marijuana that further knowledge of this plant can only improve the quality—and now, it would seem, the quantity—of daily life for everyone. To learn more, be sure to check out our book Healing with Medical Marijuana ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0441-4) by noted health researcher and international bestselling author Dr. Mark Sircus.