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Square One's two "Big Yoga" books for National Yoga Month (September)

Square One's two "Big Yoga" books for National Yoga Month (September)

Posted: 2019/09/01

Garden City Park, NY: With summer on the wane and Labor Day bringing an end to the wearing of white pants, why not pull on a pair of yoga pants in time for National Yoga Month.

While folks who need it the most are often discouraged by the widespread image of perfectly "skinny" yoga instructors and practitioners alike, the truth is most Americans tend to reside in that "plus-size" universe. Those who think they are too heavy to even attempt yoga are wrong—and in her two books for Square One, longtime yoga expert and award-winning author Meera Patricia Kerr hopes to forever erase that notion.

In her first bestselling book, Big YogaA Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies (Square One, $17.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0215-1), Kerr explains the basics of yoga and provides over forty different techniques specifically designed to work with bigger bodies. Easy-to-follow photographs appear throughout alongside text, and all feature Kerr herself demonstrating the poses in each exercise. This first of Kerr's books, which includes a Foreword by noted physician Dean Ornish, MD, won the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Health Title and is declared "a welcoming, comprehensive exercise program for the rest of us" by Publishers Weekly.

The follow-up title, Big Yoga for Less StressA Simple Guide to Reducing Everyday Anxiety (Square One, $17.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0405-6), applies Kerr's step-by-step approach to the universal problem of stress. Armed with yoga to help fight against such telltale symptoms of stress as tension headaches, nervousness, exhaustion, high blood pressure, and lowered immunity, this acclaimed companion volume is well-suited to those who struggle with far too much going on in their busy lives. In any given day of stress, these books can provide an oasis of key yoga movements and exercise for millions of people around the world—even you.

Big Yoga and Big Yoga for Less Stress are both available through, B&, and wherever else books are sold.