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The Magnificent Seven New Audio Books from Square One (and Rainbow Ridge)

The Magnificent Seven New Audio Books from Square One (and Rainbow Ridge)

Posted: 2019/11/19

Garden City Park, NY: As the year of 2019 starts to wind down, things are winding up now for Square One Publishers (and their fellow indie publisher Rainbow Ridge Books, for whom Square One serves as distributor) when it comes to audio books.

In particular, Square One has begun to bring forth versions of certain titles in the popular and always-growing audio book format through (owned by

At this point, folks can now listen to the following Square One titles in audio either through,, and/or iTunes (Apple):

The Path of the Wind by James. A. Misko

For What He Could Become by James A. Misko

Palm Trees on the Hudson by Elliot Tiber

ADHD & the Focused Mind by Sarah Cheyette, MD; Peter Johnson; Ben Cheyette, MD, PhD

Untwisted by Dr. Ted Anders

Dressed to Kill, Second Edition by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer

And from Rainbow Ridge Books, there is now also the newest work from critically-acclaimed novelist D. S. Lliteras entitled Descent: The Forty Days after the Crucifixion of Jesus

Next from Square One's continuing series of ACX-produced audio books will be James Misko's The Cut of Pride and Elliot Tiber's rollicking seriocomic sequel to Taking Woodstock titled, aptly enough, After Woodstock.

Keep your eyes, and especially your ears, open—more audio titles to come in 2020!