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A.D.D. El Metodo Natural

Get help for children (and adults) with Attention Deficit Disorder and hyperactivity. Find out how to relieve the symptoms of ADD without using prescription drugs. ADD: The Natural Approach includes treatments with herbs, nutrition, bodywork, Chinese medicine, and other alternatives to drug therapy.  

A.D.D. The Natural Approach

Children with ADD are given powerful drugs to cope with their condition, but the drugs often have dangerous side effects. Without medication, though, how can these children be helped? In their new book, Nina Anderson and Dr. Howard Peiper provide a creative solution. They first explain how ADD is triggered by a central nervous system imbalance, and then offer a variety of effective natural ...

Create a Miracle with Hexagonal Water

We are programmed to get old and look old, but it doesn't have to be that way. Age and longevity are relative. Some people at age sixty-five look forty-five; others at sixty-five look eighty-five. We can do a great deal to improve our looks and our quality of life by simply changing our diet. Aging is a disease of diet, and more specifically aging is a disease of progressive acid saturation. ...

Low Carb and Beyond

"Low carb” is still a popular trend among people who are trying to lose weight. Most of the low-carb diet books you read focus on eliminating foods. Low Carb and Beyond talks about keeping the body in balance while you restrict your high-glycemic carbohydrates. This approach gives you a better all-around method to health and weight loss and should be part of every low-carb lifestyle. Just ...

Natural Solutions for Sexual Dysfunction

Designed to offer effective, risk-free solutions to sexual dysfunction, this book first explains why so many people - male and female - experience dysfunction, and then describes common sexual problems and their remedies. A reader-friendly chart summarizes the authors' natural treatments.

Nutritional Leverage for Great Golf

Tips to lower your golf score with food and supplements that can improve stamina, control tempter, and increase your concentration. Special chapters for women and seniors. Bonus travel and health sections. 

Super-Nutrition for Dogs n' Cats

Super Nutrition for Dogs n' Cats offers health advice for dog and cat owners. Read the personal stories of other pet owners, and learn how to use natural remedies to treat your pet's illness. Simple, natural nutrition can be much more beneficial to our pets than dozens of vaccinations. 

The A.D.D. & A.D.H.D. Diet!

Every day, children are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They are given powerful drugs like Ritalin in order to cope with their ADD, but many parents don’t realize the dangerous side effects associated with these drugs, particularly the possibility of dependency. Addressing the causes of ADD and ADHD should be the first step in ...

The All-Natural High-Performance Diet

Learn easy steps to improve your physical, mental, and sexual performance. Would you like to lose weight? Do you want a sharper mind? Do you want to maintain your sexual prowess for the rest of your life? The High-Performance Diet can help. We give you hope towards a longer life that's free of decrepitude, senility, and fat. You are never too young or too old to start enjoying a healthier ...

The Secrets of Staying Young

Discover natural ways to turn back the clock on aging. Learn how to live a healthy, active life from ancient teachings and modern technology. The Secrets of Staying Young reveals potential causes of and natural treatments for arthritis, gout, osteoporosis, memory loss, Parkinson's disease, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, baldness, and wrinkled skin. 

Your Guide to All Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care

The new guide All Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care gives practical ways to improve your skin without harsh chemical products. The authors, Nina Anderson and Dr. Howard Peiper, reveal why your skin ages and how to combat what has normally been considered a by-product of growing older. In this little book, they tell the reader how to properly “take out the garbage” and remove dead skin. They describe ...