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Life With My Guardian Angel

Let's pretend that I was killed on that day, when I wasn't.   The day when my guardian angel managed to throw my F-86F half a second from becoming a fireball in the desert, up into a clear sky, way above what would have been the impact point. If she hadn't done this, if she hadn't spared my life time after time in the 80-some years that we've been together, I wouldn't have written this book that ...

Messiah's Handbook

In Richard Bach’s best-selling book Illusions, the mysterious hero Donald Shimodaseems to carry the keys to the universe with him as he barnstorms the Midwest ina Travel Air biplane. Shimoda’s secret is a small book, bound in what appears to besuede, called the Messiah’s Handbook. This slim volume, which the hero frequentlyquotes, is said to contain “whatever you need to know.” All Shimoda has ...

Thank Your Wicked Parents

Thank Your Wicked Parents has at its core a shocking but undeniable truth:Some parents are wicked and repeatedly lash their helpless children with abuseand humiliation. Other parents, while not intentionally malicious, nevertheless failto provide their family with the loving kindness that they need and deserve. But theauthor also offers a positive message: While uncaring, cruel parents can’t ...