A Day in the Life of Billy Graham

Living the Message

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A Day in the Life of Billy Graham
Square One Publishers


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By:  Deborah Hart Strober
Gerald S. Strober
Billy Graham (Introduction by)


Based on events that took place over several days, spanning a period of years, this book offers a unique up-close-and-personal view of Billy Graham’s life. It allows you to accompany the evangelist on two crusades; travel with him to Israel; and visit with him in his home, where he conducts business, but also finds time to relax with his wife, Ruth Bell Graham. This work demonstrates Graham’s unyielding belief that the power of God can transform people’s lives.


Author Biography

Deborah Hart Strober is a professional writer. In the 1970s, Deborah won reporting assignments in Israel and New York with New York Jewish Week. - Gerald S. Strober is a professional writer. Gerald became friends with Billy Graham in the 1960s, when he served on the American Jewish Committee. - Billy Graham is a contributor for Square One Publishing Inc. titles including A Day in the Life of Billy Graham.

Table of contents



                        About This Book 


            1.         The Cincinnati Mission 

            2.         Beginnings 

            3.         A Day at Home 

            4.         Early Morning in Jackson 

            5.         The Morning Continues 

            6.         Noon 

            7.         Midday Agenda 

            8.         Toward the Arena 

            9.         Flashback to the Holy Land 

            10.       “Now Is the Hour” 

            11.       The End of a Very Long Day 


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                        Books by Billy Graham 

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Introduction or preface


It always comes as a surprise to me when a gifted writer and interpreter of our faith wishes to tell something about me. The “days” in this book are similar to many others. If anything has been omitted, it is the larger scope of the activities of members of my team, members of local mission committees, and, most of all, of the sacrifice my own wife and children have made because of my ministry.

            I could wish that no one reading this record would fail to see the beautiful manifestation of the power and sovereignty of God in this ministry. As for me, I can claim no supernatural power of my own. There are many godly and talented men, but God has chosen me in his sovereign right to proclaim the message of salvation through faith in his son, Jesus Christ. Now this is a humbling truth. Therefore I find myself in the position of John and Charles Wesley, who took as a guiding passage from the Psalms, “Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy and for thy truth’s sake [Psalm 115:1].

—Billy Graham