Your Guide to Alternative Medicine

Understanding, Locating, and Selecting Holistic Treatments and Practitioners

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Your Guide to Alternative Medicine
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HEALTH & FITNESS / Alternative Therapies
MEDICAL / Alternative & Complementary Medicine
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Your Guide to Alternative Medicine

By  Larry P. Credit
Sharon G. Hartunian
Margaret J. Nowak



The world of complementary medicine offers safe and effective solutions to many health disorders, from backaches to headaches. You may be interested in alternative care approaches, but have a number of questions you’d like answered before choosing a treatment. “Will I feel the acupuncture needles?” “What is a homeopathic remedy?” Your Guide to Alternative Medicine provides the facts necessary to choose an effective complementary care therapy.

This comprehensive reference clearly explains numerous approaches in an easy-to-use format. For every complementary care option discussed, there is a description and brief history; a list of conditions that respond; information on cost and duration of treatment; credentials and educational background of practitioners; and more. To find those therapies most appropriate for a specific condition, a unique troubleshooting chart lists common disorders along with the complementary approaches best suited to treat them. Here is a reference that can help you make informed decisions about all your important healthcare needs.



Author Biography

Larry P. Credit received his doctorate in Oriental medicine from SAMRA University, and is a graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture.


Sharon G. Hartunian received a bachelor of science in psychology from Tufts University and a master of science in social work from Simmons College.


Margaret J. Nowak is a graduate of the New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts.