Guy Gets Girl, Girl Gets Guy

Where to Find Romance and What to Say When You Find It

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Guy Gets Girl, Girl Gets Guy
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Guy Gets Girl, Girl Gets Guy

By  Robert H. Phillips
Larry Glanz



Nobody ever said meeting that special someone would be easy. But the fact is that people begin romantic relationships every day. The trick is to know how to go about it, and Guy Gets Girl, Girl Gets Guy provides all the tools you’ll need to successfully meet, greet, and ultimately win that special someone.

The authors first focus on who you are and offer proven suggestions for enhancing your assets. They help you select the qualities you would like to see in your future mate, and then guide you to the places where you can meet new people—from the hottest websites to the trendiest night spots; from new and unusual places to common hangouts that might be right under your nose. They even provide effective icebreakers designed to launch your first conversation. With Guy Gets Girl, Girl Gets Guy, you have no more excuses to be lonely.


Author Biography

Robert H. Phillips is a psychologist and the director of the Center for Coping in New York. He is also the best-selling author of eight books.


Larry Glanz is a relationships expert. He has spent over twenty years studying mating customs in the United States, and based on this work, has developed effective relationship strategies. Glanz is the coauthor of How to Start a Romantic Encounter.