The Butterfly Counter Display 12-Copy

The Miracle of Spiritual Rebirth

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The Butterfly Counter Display 12-Copy
Square One Publishers


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48 pg

RELIGION / Christian Theology / General

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By:  Lucille Deith


For millions of Christians around the world, the acceptance of the Lord into their hearts is a life-altering experience. It is a time that awakens the soul and sets it free! Now author and photographer Lucille Deith has created a unique book that tells a similar story of growth, change, and splendor—through the life cycle of a monarch butterfly.

Through full-color photographs, Ms. Deith shows us the amazing transformation of his small creature from an unsightly caterpillar to a hardened chrysalis to a beautiful butterfly. Accompanying these images are eloquent biblical verses and inspiring prose that echo the visual miracle of change as it relates to everyone who has been reborn in Christ. The author has even included easy-to-follow instructions to guide readers in raising their own butterflies so that they can witness the miracle unfold firsthand.


Author Biography

Lucille Deith is a retired librarian who now pursues her love of gardening, photography, and raising butterflies. As a Christian educator, she presents biblical science lessons in Christian

schools using the story of the butterfly. Mrs. Deith and her husband reside in central Florida.