The Path of the Wind

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The Path of the Wind
Square One Publishers


6.0 X 9.0 in
304 pg

FICTION / General

$17.95 Paperback (Trade paperback (US))
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The Path of the Wind

By  James A. Misko


Miles Foster is a newly minted teacher who dreams of getting a teaching job in the highly respected and financially stable Portland, Oregon school system where everything is available, and where he and his wife call home. But the only opening for his talents is in a remote lumber mill town in central Oregon, two hundred miles away. It is a poor school with forty students, and is controlled by a jealous superintendent and school board who tolerate no thinking outside the box and who conspire to destroy his teaching career.

Miles must find a way to educate students who have been passed along regardless of what they learned, and defeat the damaging control of the school board and superintendent without losing his marriage or his job, or both.


"A truly gifted novelist with a genuine flair for creating deftly created and memorable characters, [Misko's] The Path of the Wind is a consistently entertaining and highly recommended addition to community library General Fiction collections."Midwest Book Review

Author Biography

James A. Misko was born in Nebraska, then moved to Oregon and Alaska, completing what for him was a natural bridge to the frontier. He has worked as an oil field roughneck, a logger, truck driver, saw mill hand, teacher, journalist, real estate broker, and writer. With numerous published articles and five novels to his credit, he continues to work at being the best author of fiction he can be. Jim and his wife Patti live in Alaska during the summer and California in the winter.

Back cover copy

"Jim Misko's The Path of the Wind is an entertaining and insightful novel about the life and times of an American schoolteacher. What's more, it's a moving love story. Anyone who's ever taught school or wondered what it would be like to teach will love The Path of the Wind."

"Misko is a natural storyteller. His characters aren't constructs, but feel like they are flesh and blood. Once again, Misko delivers!"

"After having been a teacher for over 23 years and doing battle for my students who were often lost in an uncaring system, I can identify with Jim Misko's Miles Foster and tell you this is a novel that cries to be read not only for its tension and good writing, but for its theme. A must for those looking for a quality read!"