The Natural Prostate Cure, Third Edition

A Practical Guide to Using Diet and Supplements for a Healthy Prostate

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The Natural Prostate Cure, Third Edition
Square One Publishers


6.0 X 9.0 in
144 pg


$9.95 Paperback (Revised)
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By:  Roger Mason


By age fifty, three out of four men have enlarged prostates, which can lead to serious health problems, and one in three men has cancer cells in his prostate. Traditional treatments for the more critical of these prostate-related illnesses include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and even castration. These methods are dangerous and have potentially drastic results. Worst of all, they fail to address the real cause of prostate problems.

In this updated third edition of The Natural Prostate Cure, author Roger Mason provides a unique and effective alternative to risky prostate surgery and drug therapies. Based upon years of research by Mason and his peers, this essential book explains how most prostate problems originate from poor nutrition. The book opens with a basic lesson in proper diet and presents the best supplements for maintaining a healthy prostate, including beta-sitosterol, a vital key to prostate well-being. The author then talks about steps that can be taken to cure prostate disease, including cancer. Finally, the author discusses how hormone imbalances—caused largely by poor diet—are a major factor contributing to prostate issues. The last chapters of the book suggest hormone treatments that can prevent and combat these potentially serious conditions.

You don’t have to undergo life-threatening surgery or take dangerous drugs to maintain a healthy prostate. With The Natural Prostate Cure, you will discover how to treat prostate problems safely, effectively, and naturally.


Author Biography

Roger Mason is an internationally known research chemist who studies natural health and life extension. He develops unique natural supplements and products, and has written several best-selling titles, including The Natural Diabetes Cure and Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs. A frequent guest speaker on radio stations across the country, Mr. Mason advocates natural alternatives to drug therapies.