Climate of Uncertainty

A Balanced Look at Global Warming and Renewable Energy

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Climate of Uncertainty
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192 pg

SCIENCE / Global Warming & Climate Change

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Climate of Uncertainty

By  William Stewart


The perfect book for anyone seeking an unbiased understanding of all sides of the climate change issue, Climate of Uncertainty explores the topic in a way all readers will understand. Without taking sides, Stewart examines the major questions of today: global warming, renewable energy, expanding populations, and sustainability. He has written to inform, not to persuade, and no viewpoint has been ignored, no opinion belittled simply because it is not widely accepted. In short, this book is a step away from the fray, a fresh and balanced assessment of a debate that is all too often dominated by extremes. This is climate change for the layman, a book about some of the largest issues facing our world today, and what our options are in dealing with them.


Author Biography

William Stewart, JD, received a bachelor's degree from St. Joseph's University and a law degree from Notre Dame University. Stewart has served as the co-chair of the Climate Change/Global Warming Division at an international law firm, where he carved out a reputable place for himself among those dealing with the climate change debate. He speaks at numerous national forums and his work has been featured by NBC News, The Wall Street Journal, and several insurance industry publications. Currently, Stewart practices law at Stewart, Bernstiel, Rebar & Smith. He is proud to point out that he won the first climate change case ever decided in United States courts.