Conversations With Jesus

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Conversations With Jesus
Rainbow Ridge


5.8 X 8.5 in
208 pg

PHILOSOPHY / Metaphysics
RELIGION / Spirituality
$17.95 Paperback
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Conversations With Jesus

By  Alexis Eldridge


"Let it be known that there will be stories and information that you may not have heard before. I encourage you to allow yourself to remain open and to receive what is meant for you. Time continues to go by so quickly. Grasping for crumbs of harmony and joy is not what your life ought to be about. Be assured that it's definitely not the reason you're here."

How does a Jewish woman from Brooklyn become best friends with Jesus? What makes one person's experience of Jesus more important than another's? Does Jesus speak to people in the twenty-first century, or is He confined to the Scriptures? The truth is . . . there is no way to really answer these questions definitively. Even the authenticity of the Gospels is questioned by many scholars, as there have been so many revisions and translations over the centuries. The only way to approach the information in this book is to consider whether it is relevant to you, the reader-- whether it touches you and makes sense to you . . . or not. 

As we are all the creators and judges of our own lives, we also know what is meaningful to us. As you read these pages, you will hear the wonderful and profound messages that Jesus wishes to convey, and you will know if its truth is yours . . . or not.  

You be the judge.


Author Biography

Alexis Eldridge has a B.A. in Psychology from Hunter College, CUNY, and a Master of Science in Education from Brooklyn College, CUNY. She worked for many years as a guidance counselor for special education children in elementary schools in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and as a clinician in private practice. She is now an artist, an energy healer, an intuitive, and follows her chosen path in partnership and communication with the spirit realm. She lives near Ashland, Oregon.