Breath of Life

The Vital Role of Red Mangroves for Human and Planetary Health

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Breath of Life
Square One Publishers


6.0 X 9.0 in
168 pg

MEDICAL / Alternative & Complementary Medicine

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Breath of Life

By  Dr. Ted Anders
Resina Koroi


This book chronicles the amazing journey of Dr. Ted Anders and Resina Koroi and their families as they re-discovered the power of ancient Fijian natural medicine and brought it to the pharmacies, homes, and hospitals of the modern world. Their research and development of products made from the oldest living plant species on earth, Red Mangrove, has led to major breakthroughs in respiratory, immune, and skin tissue health. Leading physicians in New York City, Delhi, India, and Shanghai, China now use their Nature's Nurse branded discoveries to address acute and chronic respiratory challenges.  All of these important scientific and human service health advances have been achieved through completely "green" environmentally safe, sustainable harvest practices along the pristine coastlines of Fiji and in the production facilities of Asheville, North Carolina.

From the beginning, the project has focused on the elimination of poverty in Fijian villages through coordination with the Fijian Ministry for Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation.  Experts from around the world endorse the science, the environmental methods, and the cultural sensitivity of Dr. Anders and Ms. Koroi. This book celebrates a model of "doing business right" in the twenty-first century. Learn how to sustain respiratory and immune system health powerfully, reliably, and naturally.



Author Biography

Ted Anders, PhD, traveled the world as a management and leadership consultant for over 25 years. During this time, he focused on assisting people to improve their health and wellness through natural means. He received his MS and PhD degrees in Educational Psychology from the University of Georgia. Ted co-founded Nature’s Nurse International to bring the health benefits of red mangroves to the world’s population.


Resina Koroi is the co-founder of Nature’s Nurse Fiji, Ltd., and Nature’s Nurse International. As a leading advocate of women’s rights, she has worked to advance the care of Fiji women and their children economically, socially, and medically. Additionally, by working with local organizations, provincial councils, and government ministries, Resina has tried to provide safe drinking water to needy communities throughout Fiji.