Flying Above the Glass Ceiling

Inspirational Stories of Success from the First Women Pilots to Fly Airline and Corporate Aircraft

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Flying Above the Glass Ceiling
Square One Publishers


6.0 X 9.0 in
136 pg

TRANSPORTATION / Aviation / General
SCIENCE / General
$14.95 Paperback
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By:  Nina Anderson


Flying Above the Glass Ceiling chronicles the accomplishments of pioneering women flyers and distaff members of the aviation industry from the 1800s to the present, noting their specific struggles because they entered a man's profession! Their personal stories, determination, passion, triumphs, and disappointments provide insight into what kept them moving toward their dream. This book gives hope to everyone who has the qualifications to achieve his or her career goal. 


"This is a must read for those who find it hard to believe that once upon a time women were discouraged from working outside the home at all, much less at an airport or in the cockpit. When you read the stories you realize just how far women in aviation have come, and it really makes you thankful for the women who have gone before and paved the way." General Aviation News - Meg Godlewski

" . . . it allows us to know the women who wore our shoes first; and though the styles have changed the lessons still apply today. Their frustrations, motivations and inspiration and why they continued to fly against headwinds no matter how strong and gusty . . . " The Girls With Wings Blog - Lynda Meeks

Author Biography

Nina Anderson is a licensed pilot and professional writer. After graduating from Monmouth College, Ms. Anderson embarked on a career in aviation that would span over forty years. With her experience in flying both commercial airline and corporate planes, Ms. Anderson has written several exciting books on aviation including The Backseat Flyer and Eliminating Pilot Error! The Final Step in Flight Training. Ms. Anderson lives in Massachusetts and still loves to fly airplanes.