The Asthma Breakthrough

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The Asthma Breakthrough
Square One Publishers


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176 pg

HEALTH & FITNESS / Diseases / Respiratory

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The Asthma Breakthrough

By  Henry Osiecki



The Asthma Breakthrough is an innovative and refreshingly positive guide that explores a wide range of practical, safe, and effective treatments for this often debilitating condition. The book begins by looking at the causes of asthma, while subsequent chapters discuss available treatment options, including conventional medications, nutrition, exercise, relaxation and breathing, herbalism, naturopathy, yoga, and negative ion therapy. Also included is information on children and asthma, as well as the problems commonly associated with the disorder, such as hay fever and sinusitis.


Author Biography

Henry Osiecki graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia, with an honors degree in science, majoring in physiology and pharmacology. He received his postgraduate

diploma in nutrition and dietetics from the Queensland Institute of Technology. Osiecki has been in clinical practice for over twenty years

Table of contents


1. Understanding Asthma
Symptoms, Diagnosis of Asthma, Characteristics of Asthma

2. The Causes of Asthma: Who is Affected and Why?

The Immune System, Allergy, Allergy…or Intolerance?, Allergy Tests, Nocturnal Asthma, Common Triggers of Asthma

3. Medical Treatments for Asthma

General Information, Adverse Reactions, Drugs during Pregnancy and Lactation, Drugs and Children, Drugs Used in the Treatment of Asthma, Drug Dangers for Asthma Sufferers

4. Nutritional Treatment and Prevention of Asthma

What is Nutrition?, The Dangers in our Diet, Nutrients for Asthma

5. Children and Asthma

Prevention, From the Beginning, The Importance of Digestion, The Treatment of Childhood Asthma

6. Practical Help

Creating a Healthy Environment, Exercise and Asthma, Relaxation and Breathing, Psychological Aspects

7. Alternative Treatments for Asthma

Herbalism, Naturopathy, Yoga, Negative Ion Therapy

8. Problems Commonly Associated with Asthma

Hayfever (Allergic Rhinitis), Sinusitis, Treatment and Prevention, Eczema and Urticaria (Hives), Treatment and Prevention

9. Dietary Guidelines

Rotational Full Elimination Diet, Symptoms to Look for When Testing Foods, Sample Menus, Recipes for Elimination Diet, Living with Food Sensitivities

10. Recipes

11. Questions and Answers

12. Myths and Misconceptions About Asthma

Summary of Major Points
Guidelines for Healthy Eating
Nutrient Supplement Options
References and Reading

Introduction or preface

One afternoon about two years ago I stopped at the corner shop to buy some milk. My little girl, toddling close behind, immediately spotted the brightly colored packs of snack food and decided she simply had to have some.

A battle ensued as usual, and I explained to the lady behind the counter that my daughter suffered from severe food allergies and asthma. The bright yellow “cheese” snacks, which she refused to release from her grip, were just the sort of thing to start her coughing. I was well aware of many of the things that caused adverse reactions, but we were far from having her illness under control. It all seemed so frighteningly complex.

The shop assistant then gave me some advice, which proved to be of enormous benefit to our family. She told me how all three of her children were severe chronic asthmatics. Years of intensive medical treatment and constant worry had left their family physically and financially drained.

Their search for an answer to this never-ending problem led them to Henry Osiecki. Finally, after years of ill health, the girls began to eat well. Within a short time they no longer needed the drugs which they had depended upon to avoid a life-threatening attack. Some changes to their diet and a nutrient supplement program were all that was needed to bring about this remarkable improvement.

This is just one of countless similar success stories which I have heard about since. Our family is eternally grateful to Henry and his wonderful team of professionals for helping us with many different problems. 

I know there is a great need for this book, and that it will help a great many people. Here’s to better health and an end to asthma!

--Juliann Bidmead

Treatment of severe asthma attacks must be treated promptly by your doctor. The suggestions given in this book are preventive practices that may reduce the frequency and severity of asthma.