Health from the Seas

Freedom from Disease

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Health from the Seas
Square One Publishers


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HEALTH & FITNESS / Diseases / General
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By:  John Croft


Did you know that a substance in the backbone of an arrow squid can naturally reduce cholesterol levels? In Health from the Seas, Marine scientist John Croft not only describes the many nutritious treasures found underwater, but also offers scientific proof of the various ways they can promote health and healing. Each of ten chapters first focuses on a health condition or several related problems, and then discusses the oceanic gift that can be used to relieve that disorder.


Author Biography

John Croft is a marine scientist, health-product researcher, and lifelong lover of the sea. He has served as Research Director/Consultant of McFarlane Laboratories/Healtheries of New Zealand for over thirty years. John is also the author of Relief From Arthritis: The Natural Way.

Table of contents

1. The Seas
2. Alcohol Damage
3. Arthritis
4. Atherosclerosis
5. Cancer
6. The Common Cold, Influenza, and Viral Disorders
7. Dermatological Diseases
8. Hyperlipidemia
9. Mental Health
10. Osteoporosis
11. Radiation Sickness, the Thyroid, and Goiter
12. Farming the Seas for Medicines
13. Personal Experiences


Introduction or preface

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to write this book. Almost everyone has a family member, friend, or acquaintance who suffers from one of the diseases for which the natural therapies from the oceans, described in this book, provide an effective treatment. My work as a marine scientist has not provided me with medical training, and I make no pretense to have such skills. All the clinical and medical laboratory work forming the main subject matter of this book has been carried out by specialists in those particular areas of medicine. My privilege has been to be a small part of the overall team of people involved and, perhaps even more, to be the voice for the team.

My whole life has been involved with, and strongly influenced by, the sea: from my birth into a family of seafaring sea captains and fishermen, through my childhood in a small village surrounded on two sides by the sea, to a career and employment involving work on, in, and under the sea!

As a sailor I have witnessed the sea in all its moods—from calm and peaceful to stormy and dangerous—in experiencing its magnitude and enormous power, I have realized the insignificance of our individual human importance, power, or wealth by comparison.

As a diver I have had the benefit of witnessing the enormous wealth of life beneath the surface of both tropical and temperate seas. The biology of the undersea world is one of the most amazing and complex features of our planet, and it is not surprising that it has the potential to provide the treatment for almost all known diseases.

As a marine scientist I have had the honor of researching natural therapeutic products, derived from a variety of marine sources, that have proved to be effective and safe treatments for some of our most debilitating diseases.

I believe that some of the stories in this book relate to the first time in recorded history that the sea has been actively farmed specifically to produce products for use in the treatment of disease. I hope that they produce as much interest for the reader as they have for me.

—J.E. Croft, L.R.S.C., M.R.S.N.Z., F.R.S.H.