Facets of a Diamond

Reflections of a Healer

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Facets of a Diamond
Square One Publishers


5.9 X 8.9 in
336 pg

BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Healing / General

$16.95 Paperback
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By:  John Diamond


A unique self-healing guide that is more than just another “cure-of-the-month” book, Facets of a Diamond begins by teaching you how to build a total, accurate picture of yourself—a picture from many different perspectives— and accept who you are. It then shows you how to restore your body’s physical and emotional balance through the activation of your will. The healing methods presented in this book stimulate the recovery process through the interrelatedness of the body, mind, and spirit. To learn more about Dr. Diamond, feel free to visit his website at https://www.drjohndiamond.com


"A fascinating collection . . . as a fellow physician I thank Dr. Diamond and honor him for his courage and honesty in sharing his life, wisdom and experience with us." Bernie Seigel, MD - Bernie Seigel, MD

"The loving and healing words in this incredible book by John Diamond have catapulted me to a new level of life energy. Diamond is a genius among healers. He needs to be more broadly read and appreciated for the depth and breadth of his knowledge of the human healing process." Richard Lippin, MD

"John Diamond has produced another book that goes deep to the heart of healing and is intrinsically therapeautic. The appeal of this book lies in the extent to which Dr. Diamond bares his own soul, facets of himself . . . This is a book filled with spirituality, with poetic metaphor, and with a deep love of humanity." John Graham-Pole

"An important essay on wellness for our modern age of chronic dispositions . . . John Diamond is a pearl of a writer, and in the sheer comprehensiveness of one man's soul lies all our health." The Book Reader - Jay Bail

Author Biography

John Diamond, MD, is a pioneering figure in the field of holistic and alternative medicine, and a past president of the International Academy of Preventive Medicine. Dr. Diamond's remarkable body of work - a blend of over forty-five years of research and clinical practice - embraces a wide range of disciplines, including conventional and complementary medicine, psychiatry, the humanities, holism, applied kinesiology, acupuncture theory, spirituality, and the arts (especially music) to help people overcome their problems. He concentrates on the totality of the sufferer - the interrelatedness and interdependence of the inseparable triune of body, mind, and spirit. He is the best-selling author of over twenty books. To learn more about Dr. Diamond, feel free to visit his website at https://www.drjohndiamond.com.

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