The End Of Immortality

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The End Of Immortality
Rainbow Ridge

Limited ***

5.5 X 8.5 in
160 pg

FICTION / Fantasy / General

$16.95 Paperback (Trade paperback (US))
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The End Of Immortality

By  Louise Anderson


Set in the mortal world of now: a story-loving Valkyrie meets a reclusive writer with unforeseen choices to be made. A story is not a story unless it has a beginning and an end. There is no such thing as a story without an end, since a story without an end can never be told and therefore cannot exist. This is an unforgettable novel about finding an unknown version of yourself in a different world. This is the story about a woman who finds herself deeper in love with other people’s stories than her own world. Awakened by a different kind of life, by the different shades of love that is life for most human beings, by feelings like jealousy, anger, passion, and transformation, she finds another world to live in and with that, she finds the cost of giving in to living in the stories. From a world of white, of snow, courage, and battle to the roaring world of humans in their endless game of love and loss, a Valkyrie with a love for stories exchanges everything she knows for a new story.


Author Biography

Louise Andersen has a Master of Arts in Literature and has worked as a publishing editor. She is from Denmark where she lives with her family, including mischievous twins and a stubborn Shar Pei. Louise has always been writing. She finished her first series of five novels when she was 14 and another series at the age of 25. Although those will always remain private, they have all added new silver worlds of imagination to the great universal collection. This is her first published novel. You can read more about Louise and follow her blog at