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New CDC Report Shows 1 in 44 US Kids Has Autism—Toxic Baby Food Is One Thing, But What About Mommy’s Food?

New CDC Report Shows 1 in 44 US Kids Has Autism—Toxic Baby Food Is One Thing, But What About Mommy’s Food?

Posted: 2021/12/06

Garden City Park, NY: In a newly released report from the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC), it was found that there has been an alarming increase of children diagnosed with autism in the US.

The data in this study originates from statistics culled back in 2018 across almost a dozen states nationwide. Although the CDC tends to see the uptick in autism as a reflection of better reporting and higher coverage for autism by Medicaid (along with private health insurance carriers), it is interesting that this same organization has also twice before reported dangerous trace levels of heavy metals in our country’s processed baby foods. As scientific research continues to show, it is the steady ingestion of these heavy metals—lead and inorganic mercury, in particular—along with high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) that have contributed to the increase of autism, ADHD, and various other childhood behavioral problems in recent years.

A crucial flaw in the ongoing actions of the CDC is that they do not seem to correlate the worrisome findings of their own reports with the ever-increasing rates of disorders among our country’s young children. There remains what appears to be a serious disconnect between what they report about the poisons in our processed foods, and what they advise people to do about it. As a result, nothing happens.

Our government agencies continue to turn a blind eye to this situation at its own peril, according to former FDA food safety investigator turned whistleblower Dr. Renee Dufault. In her book Unsafe at Any MealWhat the FDA Does Not Want You to Know About the Foods You Eat (Square One, $16.95), Dufault lays out the definitive argument for why Americans should remove all heavily processed foods from their daily diet. According to Dr. Dufault, “We here in America need to try to reduce those underlying conditions that arise over time as we consume the Standard American Diet, which of course stands for 'SAD.' We need to avoid these heavily processed and therefore 'unsafe' meals."

Dufault points out in her book that children with autism and/or ADHD-related complications all over the world have been shown to have elevated inorganic mercury and lead levels in their blood. In fact, it has now been proven that sixteen percent (16%) of all children in the US have an ADHD diagnosis. As she notes in chapter six of her book (“Spotlight on Autism and ADHD”), many baby formulas “contain corn sweetener in the form of corn syrup or corn syrup solids. Some formulas contain more corn sweetener than any other ingredient. I found one baby formula product in my local grocery store with a food ingredient label that claimed 54 percent of the product was made up of corn syrup solids and 26 percent of the product consisted of assorted vegetable oils.”

As for the link between what pregnant mothers eat and its impact on their children, Dufault co-wrote an important article on the topic in Scientific American where she and her colleague Steven G. Gilbert reported the cause for higher autism rates in boys rather than girls—and it all leads back to the womb. “Researchers led by Andres Cardenas at Harvard University,” according to Dufault, “found mercury in the red blood cells of cord blood impacts the PON1 gene expression in little boys but not girls through childhood. In other words, the mercury that mother consumed in her diet ended up in her baby . . . This may be the proverbial smoking gun.”

With new variants of COVID still at the center of our nation’s fruitless debate about the need for vaccination, the presence of heavy metal toxins in many of our processed foods is at least something that everyone can agree is bad for adults and children alike. So in addition to getting the vaccine, now is the time for everyone in America to make healthier choices at each mealtime. With a copy of Unsafe at Any Meal in everybody’s home, we all stand a greater chance at better health.

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