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Posted: 2022/04/18

Garden City Park, NY: Square One is pleased to share an excellent new review of our acclaimed hardcover memoir, Matchsticks: An Education in Black & White ($24.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0505-3). The popular niche publication African-American Golfer’s Digest has now listed Matchsticks in its “Bookshelf” column. To see the page online, you can click here.

is the life story of youth sports pioneer Fred Engh, the first white student to attend Maryland State—a then all-Black college—in the early 1960s. Living in a trailer park with his wife and children, Fred’s future seemed bleak at that time—that is, until he heard a college football coach being interviewed on a local radio show talking about becoming a Physical Education teacher. His intention in attending Maryland State was not to break any racial barriers or make any headlines. He simply wanted a better life for himself and his young family as an accredited teacher. What he learned from attending that college, however, was something he had not expected.

Of the book, African-American Golfer’s Digest has this to say:

“The story behind how [Engh] discovered his calling in life is definitely a remarkable one of transition. Today, when racial disparagement has once again taken the form of marches, protesters, and daily news headlines, here is a tale of discovery, understanding, and personal change. A lesson still as valuable today as it was then.”

This is only the most recent praise for a book that has already been declared “Thought-provoking” (Kirkus Reviews), “Fascinating” (Publishers Weekly), “Honest” (Sport Literature Association), “Timeless” (Midwest Book Review), “Inspiring” (, and “A great read” (The Bookworm Sez).

Fred Engh and his non-profit organization, NAYS—the National Alliance for Youth Sports—has positively affected the lives of millions of children throughout the country for decades. In addition to working to help keep organized sports a fun experience for kids, Engh has also tried to even the playing field for children of different colors and ethnicities. To learn more about Fred’s life story, told by Engh himself, be sure to click here for a Golf TV segment about it.

Square One invites readers everywhere to check out Matchsticks: An Education in Black & White. It is available, as with all of our books, on Amazon and wherever else books are sold nationwide.


The year was 1961, a year marking the start of the racial unrest that would last throughout the decade. Living in a trailer camp in Maryland with his wife and children, Fred’s future seemed bleak—that is, until he heard a college football coach being interviewed on a local radio show talking about becoming a Physical Education teacher. The coach’s words would inspire him enough to register at ...
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