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THE RIGHTEOUS FEW, Marty Brounstein's acclaimed Holocaust title, is now available in audiobook format

THE RIGHTEOUS FEW, Marty Brounstein's acclaimed Holocaust title, is now available in audiobook format

Posted: 2022/04/23

“Fostering positive values such as respect
and unity are so relevant for today.”
Marty Brounstein (March 4, 1957 - July 31, 2020)

Garden City Park, NY: With the Passover holidays now concluded, Square One is pleased to announce that the late Marty Brounstein's acclaimed Holocaust title The Righteous Few ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0497-1) is now available in audiobook format.

What makes this audiobook especially poignant is that Mr. Brounstein served as narrator on it, and finished the job only a few weeks before his death (due to a short battle with cancer) in late July 2020.

The Righteous Few is the true story of how Frans and Mien Wijnakke, a Catholic couple from Dieden of the Netherlands, saved the lives of at least two dozen Jews in southern Holland at the height of the Holocaust during World War II. More than just a Holocaust account, what makes this tale so important to us all in these perilous political times is how this simple couple from a small town ran the risk of losing their lives every time that they saved a life.

The book has been declared a "great story" by top book critic Charles Ashbacher and celebrated by fellow reviewer Grady Harp as being "beautifully told." To listen to Marty Brounstein's sensitive narration of his own book is to be reminded of his wonderful storytelling skills and tireless visits to schools throughout the US and abroad in an effort to spread the word of this inspiring story.

His widow, Leah Baarswhose own survival of the Holocaust as a baby connects with The Righteous Fewis now at the helm, along with her children, of the "Inspiring Courage Legacy Fund" that Marty worked hard to set up prior to his passing. To learn more about the Legacy Fund, you can either CLICK HERE or copy/paste the URL below into your web browser:

To hear a sample of Marty Brounstein's narration of The Righteous Few in audio, please CLICK HERE. And if you would like to read Marty's other Holocaust book with us entitled Woman of Valorabout Eta Chait, a young Jewish woman who lived with her parents and siblings in Lukow, Polandfeel free to click here as well. Both of Marty Brounstein's books had the distinction of being reviewed last year in the longstanding popular Jewish publication Hadassah, which you can see if you CLICK HERE.

We at Square One remain proud of our affiliation with Marty Brounstein and all that he and his books have done, and continue to do, to keep this particular moment in history always remembered.

The Righteous Few

The Righteous Few is a remarkable true tale of courage, compassion, and rescue during the Holocaust. It is the story of a young married Christian couple, Frans and Mien Wijnakker, living in the Netherlands during World War II. When their country was under Nazi German occupation, they were firsthand witnesses to the horrific acts of violence inflicted upon thousands of innocent people, ...
9780757004971 Paperback (Trade paperback (US))

Woman of Valor

Woman of Valor is a remarkable and true story of bravery, compassion, and rescue during the Holocaust. Eta Chait, a young Jewish woman, lived with her parents and siblings in Lukow, Poland. In 1939, the country was invaded by Nazi Germany marking the start of World War Two. Under the Nazis’ brutal occupation, the Jews of Poland were rounded up, and segregated into ghettos. At first, they were ...
9780757005039 Paperback (Trade paperback (US))