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1 Square One Week = 2 Great New Reviews!

1 Square One Week = 2 Great New Reviews!

Posted: 2022/11/18

Garden City Park, NY: Only a few days after we released our newest catalog (Vol. 23) to the world, Square One has received two great reviews on our two new titles—one out now, the other to be published in February 2023.

Having already received praise from both Library Journal ("[A] great starter manual for families with a newly diagnosed child") and Publishers Weekly ("[A] solid guide aimed at helping parents), our newest title What to Do About Your Troubled Child ($17.95 USD, ISBN: 9780757005145) has now received a rave from Here's what they have to say:

"If you're dealing with an angry / fearful / irritable / unfocused / obsessive young child and are not sure what to do, here's a smart, compact, reassuring book filled with compassionate and well-researched advice on many children's behavior issues and the therapies available . . . focuses on symptoms, risk factors, professional diagnoses, and treatments--with a hefty section on additional approaches, such as nutritional, lifestyle and environmental changes that can help . . . this book will provide welcome clarity amid the chaos."

Meanwhile, our next big title from book publishing maven Dr. Jan YagerHow to Promote Your Book ($17.95 USD, ISBN: 9780757004742)has received the following positive pre-pub notice from top trade publication PW:

"Provides guidance on how authors can get the word out about their titles . . . explain[s] the basics of the bookselling world, how to prepare for publication, and what to do afterward . . . [will] appeal both to independent authors and to those signed with major publishers."

Wow, quite a week. Wondering what will come through for Square One next week? Check back and see!

What to Do About Your Troubled Child

As children grow, there may be times when their behavior seems out of place or troubling. When there is a recurrent pattern of one or more of these types of behavior, something may be wrong. As a parent, if you have noticed something “off” about the way your child has been acting, perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at what might actually be going on—before it gets worse. What to Do About ...
9780757005145 Paperback (Trade paperback (US))

How to Promote Your Book

"Writing a great book is the easy part. Getting people to buy the book is wicked hard. Jan’s book shows you what promotion to do so you increase the possibility that your book becomes a bestseller.”—Jeffrey Fox, bestselling author, How to Become a Rainmaker"Being an author is 50% creative and 50% promotion. Jan Yager's comprehensive and practical book, How to Promote Your ...
9780757004742 Paperback (Trade paperback (US))
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 - Release: 02/15/2023