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HOW OUR CULTURE MAKES US SICK—pioneering medical anthropologist Sydney Ross Singer's health "wake-up call"

HOW OUR CULTURE MAKES US SICK—pioneering medical anthropologist Sydney Ross Singer's health "wake-up call"

Posted: 2023/03/20

Garden City Park, NY: Sydney Ross Singer believes the field of medicine is corrupted by the profit motive, and blinded by corporate-sponsored bias. As he said in his recent national appearance on Coast to Coast AM, “Medicine is not about doing good in the world. It’s about selling drugs and other medical procedures.”

Dr. Singer, who founded the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease, has developed numerous groundbreaking, and controversial, theories into the cultural causes of our common health problems. His recent work exposes how America’s favorite foods are riddled with acrylamides—a chemical long considered a nerve poison, a carcinogen, and a harm to human reproduction—and what health problems this could be causing, as well as why people are not hearing about this vital issue.

Drawing from his new article “How to Stay Healthy in a Sick Culture,” (click here), Singer continues to make himself avaialble to speak with media about the following important topics/viewpoints (all a part of a new field of health research called “Applied Medical Anthropology”):

1. How the way you wear a bra can cause breast cancer (based on initial research from the 1990s, and covered in his bestselling book Dressed to Kill, 2nd Ed.).

2. How migraines, sleep apnea, glaucoma, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and more are related to the way you sleep.

3. How thyroid disease can be caused by the way you use your voice.

4. How the tonsils work and why you need them.

5. How not taking bathroom breaks throughout the day can cause lots of health problems.

6. And how trusting experts is often a big mistake.

The timing on Singer's reappearance in the media is especially good, given a recent TikTok video from an influencer who goes by the moniker "KellyHaze," in which she talks about how her sports bra caused a lump in her breast—which her OB-GYN said came from the constriction of lymphatic tissue likely caused by wearing a sports bra constantly. This assertion is practically a quote from Singer and Grismaijer, and the research that they have pursued since the mid-1990s (covered in depth throughout Dressed to Kill).

To get a look at the "KellyHaze" TikTok video (which now has over 7.8 million views), click here or copy/paste the link below:

And to see a recent article that creates a bridge between the "KellyHaze" video and our book Dressed to Kill, you can also click here or copy/paste the URL below:

Dressed to Kill, Second Ed.: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras is available in paperback and digital/eBook formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and everywhere else where books are sold. It is also available in audio book format—to hear a "sample," click here.

Dressed to Kill—Second Edition

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