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Strong first review for WHEN THE SUBJECT IS RAPE (from PW)

Strong first review for WHEN THE SUBJECT IS RAPE (from PW)

Posted: 2023/03/21

Garden City Park, NY: Due out this June, Square One's When the Subject Is Rape (ISBN: 9780757005220) by Alan W. McEvoy, PhD has received its first review—and it is an excellent one.

Check out the link below to the review from Publishers Weekly (due out in the April 3 print edition as well):

Here is an isolated review quote for quicker reference:

“[An] insightful manual . . . offers men tools to best support female rape victims in their lives. McEvoy defines basic vocabulary and elucidates how victims can experience a variety of complicated emotions, from anger or shame to feelings of isolation . . . McEvoy handles his topic with sensitivity and is careful not to overstate the man’s role in the healing process—it’s vital for women to maintain total agency throughout—while still making clear that they can play an important support role. This is an ideal road map for male partners or friends who want to help, but don’t know where to start.”  Publishers Weekly

Square One is especially proud to be the publisher of such a valuable and important book.

More to come . . .

When the Subject Is Rape

Rape is, unfortunately, an all-too-common violent crime usually perpetrated against women. For victims, the process of sharing information about an assault with loves ones or reporting the crime to the police can be harrowing, embarrassing, and painful. The responses of others can greatly affect the way a rape survivor copes. Often the men who are closest to rape survivors—intimate partners, ...
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