The Trial of George W. Bush

A Novel

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The Trial of George W. Bush
Square One Publishers


6.0 X 9.0 in
224 pg

FICTION / Political

$16.95 Paperback (Trade paperback (US))
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By:  Terry Jastrow


Following the worst terrorist attacks in American history on September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush pledged to bring those responsible to justice, especially the mastermind behind it all, Osama bin Laden. After failing to capture bin Laden in Afghanistan, George W. Bush shifted his attention and that of our country to Saddam Hussein and Iraq, neither of which had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks (as history has proven). Bush, Jr., wanted a war in Iraq, and with the help of others in his administration, he succeeded in waging one regardless of its price in human lives or expense to his country's treasury. George W. Bush’s Iraq War lasted eight and a half years, killed tens of thousands of people, and cost the United States trillions of dollars.

In Terry Jastrow’s new novel, The Trial of George W. Bush, past evil deeds are exposed and reckoned with in a most unexpected way. At a time when America’s political leadership has alienated itself from the rest of the world, the scales of justice respond in a trial at the International Criminal Court in which former President George W. Bush is accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. This fascinating trial brings together eyewitness testimony from a former Secretary of State, the Commander of US Central Command who oversaw military operations, an American counterterrorism expert, and a female Iraqi blogger, who reads from the blogs she wrote while Bush’s war was destroying her country.

As the trial ends after weeks of contentious statements and nonstop coverage by an overzealous media, a captivated worldwide public awaits the determination of Bush’s fate. Will he be found guilty or not? The surprising verdict is revealed in Terry Jastrow’s new novel, The Trial of George W. Bush.


"Provocative . . . [author Terry] Jastrow shines . . . [an] intriguing thought experiment."Publishers Weekly

"Jastrow brings a true sense of drama to his subject matter – Bush and the Iraq War Crimes . . . Facts well brewed with fiction make this a controversial and enthralling new novel. Timely – and timeless – as we observe global incidents."Grady Harp, top book reviewer

"The Trial of George W. Bush is an honest and true page turner that engrosses you through nailbiting, high stakes courtroom entertainment while simultaneously capturing your intellect on some very big, universal questions. Big subject, big book . . . READ IT!"Ken Solomon - President, Tennis Channel

"I read The Trial of George W. Bush and found it thoroughly thought-provoking and entertaining. The technical knowledge Terry Jastrow mastered to write the book is stunning. He absolutely nailed it. Just super enjoyable and impressive. Bravo!"Matt Herrington. Partner - Paul Hastings LLP

Author Biography

Terry Jastrow received his bachelor's degree in communications from the University of Houston. Upon graduation, he worked for ABC Sports, where he became the youngest network producer/director in history. His credits include one Super Bowl, sixty-two major golf championships, and six Olympic games, including the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1984 Summer Olympics, which were watched by an estimated one billion people around the world. As a television producer/director, he has won seven Emmy awards.