Secrets of Successful Women Inventors

How They Swam with the "Sharks" and Hundreds of Other Ways to Commercialize Your Own Inventions

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Secrets of Successful Women Inventors
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By:  Edith G. Tolchin (Edited by)


“Edith G. Tolchin has spent her entire career working with inventors. In ​Secrets of Successful Women InventorsEdith highlights some of the greatest top-notch successful women inventors and reputable service providers, all eager to share their stories and advice. In her easy-going, personable style, Edith has gleaned the 'cream of the crop' from each of these impressive women. It’s a gift to anyone who’s ever had a winning idea but nowhere to go and no roadmap to birth their vision.” —Barbara Corcoran, “Shark” on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank and founder of the Corcoran Group

Throughout history, books have highlighted male inventors—but why not women inventors? And where are the women inventors of color? Why have so many of these women not found their rightful places in history? Often, without choice, women have stayed home to take care of their children. Over the last few decades, though—with increased educational opportunities, access to daycare facilities, and continued attempts to shatter the “glass ceiling”—women have begun to achieve equal footing with men in careers and in salaries. With such advancement so readily on the rise, women have made great gains with creative ideas, their worthwhile plans . . . and with these inventions! While many of their inventions to date have been largely related to the improvement of household and child care items—with STEM in schools and in corporations—women’s ideas and innovations remain limitless.

For more than twenty-five years, Edith G. Tolchin has worked with and interviewed hundreds of inventors for her longtime column in Inventors Digest. In her new book Secrets of Successful Women InventorsMs. Tolchin reveals the real-life stories of twenty successful, modern-day women inventors—stories that describe the hard work, frequent struggles, and indomitable spirit with which they have never given up on their ideas. For many, it will present a revealing look at these women’s respective journeys—from their ideas first being sketched on napkins to the creation of multimillion-dollar companies. In addition, Ms. Tolchin includes sound advice and guidance from several accomplished invention service providers to further help future inventors reach their fullest potential, as well as snippets of women inventors in history.


Author Biography

Edith G. Tolchin, who holds a prestigious U.S. customs broker license, has worked with inventors for over twenty-five years, first as a sourcing consultant and currently as a well-known writer and editor within the inventions industry. Ms. Tolchin has interviewed over one hundred inventors for her longtime column in Inventors Digest. In addition,Ms. Tolchin has written several non-fiction books about inventing, including Secrets of Successful Inventing: From Concept to Commerce. She and her husband, Ken Robinson, currently reside in central New Jersey.