Chrysalis Crisis

How Life's Ordeals Can Lead to Personal & Spiritual Transformation

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Chrysalis Crisis
Rainbow Ridge


6.0 X 9.0 in
336 pg

BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Spiritualism

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By:  Frank, PhD Pasciuti


Recovering from a life ordeal—be it the death of a loved one, a divorce, loss of a job, or a serious physical injury or sickness—can sometimes result in personal and spiritual growth. When it does, Dr. Frank Pasciuti calls the transformative experience a "Chrysalis Crisis." If properly managed, these kinds of crises can result in increased physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and moral development.

Using stories from his clients and his personal life, Dr. Pasciuti shows how a Chrysalis Crisis can prompt growth in ten key areas of human functioning. It can awaken our very real capacity for psychic abilities and deeply enhance our spiritual lives. This book offers a model of human development that enables everyone—not just those in crises—to transform their lives, and create for themselves an increased sense of peace, happiness, and well-being.


Author Biography

FRANK PASCIUTI, PhD. is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified hypnotherapist. He is founder and president of the Associated Clinicians of Virginia, where he provides psychotherapy and organizational development services to individuals and businesses. Dr. Pasciuti is chairman of the Institutional Review Board at The Monroe Institute, and he collaborates on research related to NDEs, psychic phenomena, and the survival of consciousness at the University of Virginia School of Medicine's Division of Perceptual Studies. Dr. Pasciuti resides in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Unpublished endorsement

"A treasure trove of wisdom and practical insights. Brilliant!"
Eben Alexander, MD, bestselling author of Proof of Heaven

"This is a remarkable, inspiring book."
Larry Dossey, MD, author of Healing Words

"Enormously positive transformative breakthroughs."
Dean Radin, PhD, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences

"An invaluable guide to living a more enriched and fulfilling life."
Bruce Greyson, MD, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, University of Virginia