Great new review from librarian-fave publication Booklist for SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL WOMEN INVENTORS (out 10/3/23)

Great new review from librarian-fave publication Booklist for SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL WOMEN INVENTORS (out 10/3/23)

GARDEN CITY PARK, NY: As we near its publication date of October 3, 2023, Square One is excited to share the news that Booklist has given a positive review to Secrets of Successful Women Inventors ($19.95 USD, ISBN: 9780757005244).

The review is now online and appears also in the September 15, 2023 print issue edition of Booklist (the flagship publication for the American Library Association). See below for an excerpted review quote:

“[P]roves that America can indeed be the land of invention opportunities for women . . . includes inventing how-tos and remarks from experts on intellectual property, public relations, social media, funding resources, and the like. This inspirational tome on do-it-yourself inventing would make a great pairing with other related practicums.” —Barbara Jacobs, Booklist

This is our second book with acclaimed writer and longtime Inventors Digest columnist Edith G. Tolchin, whose first book with us is Secrets of Successful Inventing ($19.95 USD, ISBN: 9780757004070) from 2015. About the new book and Ms. Tolchin's longstanding experience within the industry, Shark Tank celebrity Barbara Corcoran has this to say:

“Edith G. Tolchin has spent her entire career working with inventors. In Secrets of Successful Women Inventors, Edith highlights some of the greatest top-notch successful women inventors and reputable service providers, all eager to share their stories and advice. In her easy-going, personable style, Edith has gleaned the 'cream of the crop' from each of these impressive women. It’s a gift to anyone who’s ever had a winning idea but nowhere to go and no roadmap to birth their vision.” —Barbara Corcoran, “Shark” on ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank and founder of the Corcoran Group

In addition to Ms. Tolchin's considerable expertise within the inventing industry, Secrets of Successful Women Inventors shares "success stories" from the following remarkable women:

Kenya Adams (CEO/Founder of Panty-Buddy, LLC)
Jennipher Adkins (Founder of the haircare product line Jenny Capp)
Cyndi Bray (Inventor of Wad-Free®)
Judy Edwards (Founder and Co-creator of Squatty Potty LLC)
Lindsey Valiulis Fleischhauer (Co-Founder of Totes Babies)
Beth Fynbo (Founder of Busy Baby)
Lizzy Greenburg (Co-Founder of Curious Baby)
Kelley Higney (Founder and CEO of Bug Bite Thing)
Maureen Howard (Founder of the Baby Merlin Company and Creator of the Magic Sleepsuit)
Melissa Hyslop (Creator/Inventor of Malarkey Kids, and the "Munch Mitt")
Maryann Kilgallon (Founder/CEO/Inventor of POMM® Kids and POMM® Silver)
Lisa Lane (Inventor of the Rinseroo)
Kimberly Meckwood (Owner/Inventor of Click & Carry)
Jessica Miller (CEO/Co-Founder of Squid Socks)
Athalia Monae (Inventor of Pouches by ALAHTA)
Erin Robertson (Founder/Creator/CEO of Ta-Ta Towels)
Bernadine "Denie" Schach (Founder/Inventor of Hairdini Inventing Products, Inc.™)
Angelique N. Warner (Inventor of Nurse 'N Go and GoGoVie)
Tara Williams (Founder/CEO of Dreamland Baby)
Meghan Wolfgram (Founder of SwiftPaws)

In addition to Ms. Tolchin's own chapter on offshore manufacturing in the book's second section ("What You Need to Know—Advice and Resources"). readers will also learn about how best for women inventors to secure publicity for their inventions (Dana Humphrey, Whitegate PR); tips on choosing the best invention service provider (Joan LefkowitzACCESSORY BRAINSTORMS); funding resources (Kedma Ough, MBA); a primer on intellectual property rights (Carolyn Favorito, Esq.); taking an invention from concept to revenue stream (Susan L. Springsteen, nth Solutions LLC); and how best to make use of social media (Elizabeth Breedlove). The book also takes a look back in time with insets at various women inventors through history.

Secrets of Successful Women Inventors will be available in both paperback and digital/eBook formats starting October 3, 2023 wherever books are sold. More to come . . .
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