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Eliminating Pilot Error!

In Eliminating Pilot Error! experienced pilot Nina Anderson offers a practical guide to reducing flight problems. The book opens with an analysis of a pilot's typical lifestyle upsets, including sleep patterns, duty times, performance stress, and dietary changes. To make it easier to avoid mistakes, a reader-friendly chart presents common physical conditions that contribute to pilot error. Later ...

The Enzyme Cure

The medical industry continues to tell us that conventional medicine is the only way to treat all of our health issues. For too many people, however, these treatments do little more than spend money. But there are alternatives. For decades, the use of natural enzymes has been studied and evaluated. The Enzyme Cure is a comprehensive guide for everyone who wishes to learn more about treating ...

The Backseat Flyer

A humorous perspective on what really goes on inside an airplane, this book begins by presenting the "Six Commandments of a Backseat Flyer" and then offers "insider" information on what all those airborne bumps and whirrs are, what kind of training pilots have, and more. The author, herself an experienced pilot, also provides helpful advice on curbing fear of flying, eliminating jet lag, ...

My Whole Food ABC's

My Whole Food ABC's introduces children to the value of healthy food. Simple rhymes and colorful illustratons associate whole foods with the letters of the alphabet. Children learn their ABC's as they begin to understand both health and nutrition.

Your Guide to All Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care

The new guide All Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care gives practical ways to improve your skin without harsh chemical products. The authors, Nina Anderson and Dr. Howard Peiper, reveal why your skin ages and how to combat what has normally been considered a by-product of growing older. In this little book, they tell the reader how to properly “take out the garbage” and remove dead skin. They describe ...