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FDA gives high marks to CBD/hemp and marijuana for medical use

Posted: 2018/04/19

Garden City Park, NY: Just in time for National Weed Day (4/20), it has been reported that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is on its way towards approval of the first CBD oil (Cannabidiol) marijuana-based drug. Given the name of Epidiolex by the company GW Pharmaceuticals, it has been designed and approved only to help young children who suffer severe seizures caused by epilepsy.  The success of the drug when treating this illness has now been crystallized by the story of sixteen-year-old Sam Vogelstein, who appeared yesterday (April 19) before a FDA panel in Washington, DC and testified that the drug has kept his severe seizures at bay for more than two years.

Though this marijuana-based medication does not contain the plant's naturally-occurring compound known as THC (tetrahydrocannabidinol, which acts as an intoxicant),  its total effectiveness speaks volumes about the various beneficial uses that hemp CBD oil and medical marijuana have been proven to provide to those who suffer with any number of serious health conditions. Whether it be Alzheimer's or lung cancer, HIV/AIDS or multiple sclerosis (MS), diabetes or PTSD, or even Parkinson's or stroke, the cannabis plant has been shown time and time again to do more good for peoples' health than bad.

In light of this positive announcement, Square One has two books that will further inform and educate those who may wish to learn more about the restorative effects of cannabis on many health concerns. Healing with Hemp CBD Oil (Square One, $16.95 USD - ISBN: 978-0-7570-0455-1) from bestselling health author Dr. Earl Mindell takes a close and comprehensive look at marijuana's cousin, hemp, and the many uses of hemp oil and CBD for many of our biggest health issues, from arthritis to depression to heart disease.

Also available is Healing with Medical Marijuana (Square One, $16.95 USD - ISBN: 978-0-7570-0441-4) from fellow bestselling author Dr. Mark Sircus. The book reveals and explains the many virtues that reside at the foundation of medical marijuana use across a wide spectrum of health ills and woes. It also addresses the many deliberate distortions of perception applied by the Federal government to the general public after it outlawed marijuana in 1937. Now that the FDA has voiced its approval of a marijuana-based medication, though, we may now see in our country the steady reversal of Federal law against the use of what has been shown across time—and across the world—to be a steady help to so many.

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Are "Superbugs" More Dangerous Than Some Antibiotics?

Posted: 2018/04/03

CDC Issues Report on Deadly "Superbug" Resistant to 26 Different Antibiotics

Garden City Park, NY: In a recent report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC highlighted a newly discovered bacteria—termed a "super bug"—that has been shown to be resistant to 26 different antibiotics. Statistics indicate that  more than 23,000 people die annually in the US from such bacterial infections.

According to Charles Bennett, MD, PhD, however, no less than 150,000 seriously adverse events—including 2,400 deaths—may be linked directly to the use of some very popular brands of antibiotics. These numbers may be just the tip of the iceberg, though, since most such cases can often go unreported. As chairman of the Center of Economic Excellence in Medication Safety and Efficacy at the University of South Carolina, Dr. Bennett has been instrumental in having the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) admit that such a problem does in fact exist. Yet, and in spite of his efforts, this serious problem still falls below the public radar.

Now, in his just-released new book What You Must Know About the Hidden Dangers of Antibiotics (ISBN: 978-0-7570-0469-8), bestselling health writer Jay S. Cohen, MD details which six popular antibiotics still being prescribed today can destroy your health. Antibiotics are certainly an important weapon against infections; however, what you may not know is that many of the most commonly used antibiotics have their own dangerous side effects—and no one has been talking about it. In this book, Dr. Cohen provides the startling facts about how truly destructive these specific antibiotics can be. The book also provides safer and well-proven treatments that you can use in order to avoid these drugs.

When physical harm is dismissed as a simple side effect, as Dr. Cohen has pointed out, then "Big Pharma" drug manufacturers are able to hide that problem from public view. As a troubling result, these harmful medications continue to be prescribed and used by men, women, and children every day.

What You Must Know About the Hidden Dangers of Antibiotics (Square One Publishers, $15.95 USD / ISBN: 978-0-7570-0469-8) is now available on Amazon and wherever else books are sold.

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Finding the Poetry in Post-Vietnam PTSD (new D. S. Lliteras novel)

Posted: 2018/03/26

Garden City Park, NY: This April is the twenty-second anniversary of National Poetry Month, but it also marks the forty-third anniversary of the Vietnam War's end on April 30, 1975. As it turns out, both topics come together perfectly—and with sublime grace—in the newest novel from acclaimed novelist D. S. Lliteras.

Syllables of Rain is the next work and a sort of thematic sequel to Lliteras' previous work Viet Man—a semi-autobiographical novel also focused on Vietnam (the book recently won this year's Military Writers Society of America [MWSA] Gold Medal for Best Literary Fiction, and has been praised by Booklist as "fine war fiction from a writer who's been there"). This new novel presents various short chapters of lean yet quietly profound prose in the style of Hemingway, each of which then end with gently evocative poetic verse. This two-fold approach is based on the Japanese style of haibun  (known in Japanese characters as 俳文, or haikai writings), and it affords Lliteras the opportunity to marry together the realism of war literature alongside the dreamlike flow of Far East poetics. What results is a book about two veterans stuck between memories of Vietnam and the burden of their return to the United States; and the fact that Lliteras' writing also embodies both Western and Eastern literary forms only increases the novel's collective effect upon the reader.

To date, D. S. Lliteras' Syllables of Rain has received fine reviews from places like Publishers Weekly ("[a] touching book"); Library Journal ("a compact, emotionally charged snapshot of two soldiers trying to make sense of the world around them"); The VVA Veteran ("a brilliant work . . . poetical, and filled with hard-fought truths"); The Echo World ("approachable, bittersweet and poetic . . . [Syllables of Rain ] touches your heart"); The Virginian-Pilot ("a tripwire-taut account of two tough combat vets and their trouble attempts at re-entry into civilization . . .  an epiphany of sorts"); and the Military Writers Society of America Dispatches (MWSA) ("both subtly jarring and comforting in nature . . . Lliteras skillfully takes us on a poignant journey with a gratifying conclusion in this unconventional novel") among others.

Syllables of Rain ($16.95 USD, Rainbow Ridge - Square One, dist.) is now available at Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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New medical study from Harvard confirms A.G.E.s are bad for your health

Posted: 2018/03/22

Garden City Park, NY:  Much was made yesterday (March 21, 2018) on NBC's Today about a new medical study from Harvard that shows a clear line between steady consumption of grilled meats and the risk of high blood pressure.

However, this is fairly old news to Square One's author Helen Vlassara, MD. After all, Dr. Vlassara has studied the phenomenon of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) since the late 1970s, first at The Rockefeller University of New York and later at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine (NYC). This acronym was coined by Dr. Vlassara and her colleagues back in the 1980s, for the process whereby foods cooked or grilled in dry-heat settings and high temperatures bring forth a covey of naturally occurring toxic substances that we consume when we eat.

Though the years of study were trained principally on the problems of aging and diabetes—resulting in Mt. Sinai's irrefutable July 2016 announcement that the likelihood of diabetes can be decreased significantly by avoiding AGEs intake in one's diet—this strong research led and published by Vlassara has tied AGEs to any and all manner of chronic disease as well. And of course, that also includes all forms of cardiovascular disease—the same conclusion reached by Harvard, and put on national TV care of NBC, yesterday morning.

To learn more about AGEs from the original source, be sure to check out our books Dr. Vlassara's AGE-less Diet (Square One, $16.95 USD) and The AGE Food Guide (Square One, $8.95 USD).


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Two big wins for novelist Misko's newest, THE PATH OF THE WIND

Posted: 2018/02/01   Source: Feathered Quill Book Awards (2018)

Garden City Park, NY: At a time when more authors are being published both inside and outside the trade book market than ever before, Jim Misko's recent first prize win is especially noteworthy. Starting the new year off right, Misko's newest novel The Path of the Wind  has  just won the Gold/1st Place award in the 2018 Feathered Quill  Book Awards Program for the Adult Fiction category.

This is the second time Misko has won the Feathered Quill award for his fiction—the first time was in 2016 when he was given the Feathered Quill Award for his acclaimed novel As All My Fathers Were  (which also won a Nebraska Book of the Year Award, the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, and the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Adult Fiction in 2015).

In addition to the recently won Feathered Quill, The Path of the Wind—which also took First Place Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles Book Festival this past year—has also just taken the Grand Prize and First Place in General Fiction from the KindleBookPromos Book Contest for all books published in 2017.

The Path of the Wind is the fifth novel written by Misko since his debut work, For What He Could Become, was published in 2004. In its review, the Midwest Book Review declared Misko "a truly gifted novelist with a genuine flair for creating deftly created and memorable characters" while it recognized Path as "a consistently entertaining and highly recommended addition to community library General Fiction collections."

As much as Misko enjoys seeing his work positively reviewed and honored with awards, what matters most to him is his strong and always-growing fan base. Misko has appeared at more than 70 book signing events over the past few years in several cities across Alaska, California, and Nebraska. Events have taken place at an array of Barnes & Noble locations, along with "brick 'n mortar" stores; many CostCo and Sam's Club stores; WalGreen drugstores; and various airport bookstores across the US. This past year, Misko gave the Keynote Address and taught a writing workshop at the Southern California Writers Conference; and this coming April 2018, he will give another Keynote Address along with teaching another writing workshop at the Nebraska Writers Conference.

Never one to let the time pass too idly, Misko is already hard at work on his sixth novel (tentative title: Tomorrow Is My Day).

The Path of the Wind, along with Mr. Misko's other four novels, is now available wherever books are sold.

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