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Alzheimer's doctor featured on THE 700 CLUB!

Posted: 2017/08/21

Garden City Park, New York: Earlier today (8/21/17), in a special segment titled "Protect Your Brain," the nationally popular CBN-TV program The 700 Club featured our author Richard S. Isaacson, MD and showed the cover of his important Square One book The Alzheimer's Prevention & Treatment Diet (co-authored by Christopher N. Ochner, PhD).

Dr. Isaacson (who has appeared more than a half-dozen times as a guest on the equally popular Dr. Oz Show in the past year) is also identified in the segment as the founder and director of the Alzheimer's Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian, where he is also an Associate Professor of Neurology and director of the Neurology Residency Training Program. In the segment, he shares with the audience that it was the onset of his own uncle's Alzheimer's some years ago that inspired him to focus much of his energy and medical expertise on this particular disease. The segment also presents one of Dr. Isaacson's patients, a woman who was able to drop from a size 18 to a size 6 dress after working to fix her diet over a period of just one year. For those who wish to see the "Protect Your Brain" segment, one can visit the website for The 700 Club and either order a free DVD or set up a free email account in order to watch the segment online instead.

Be on the lookout for more media appearances from Dr. Isaacson in support of The Alzheimer's Prevention & Treatment Diet as we head now from summer and into fall . . .

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Continued Rise in "Processed Foods"-geared Western Diet Equals Serious Decline in Sperm Count Levels

Posted: 2017/07/25

Garden City Park, New York: According to a recent CBS News article, a new study published this week in the July 25th issue of the journal Human Reproduction Update shows a continued drop in sperm counts among men throughout the majority of Western countries.

This new study, the largest done to date working from 185 studies between 1973 and 2011 and covering nearly 43,000 men—has been led by environmental medicine professor/senior researcher Shanna Swan at the Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. It was twenty-five years ago that the first study to observe a decline in sperm count appeared in 1992—when it was discovered that overall sperm counts for men in the West had declined 50 percent over 50 years. As reiterated in the CBS News article by Dr. Avner Hershlag, the chief of Northwell Health Facility in the Long Island enclave of Manhasset, New York, “Modern men still have 66.4 million sperm per millimeter of semen, compared with 92.8 million per millimeter from men tested nearly four decades ago.”

What could be causing this problem, one might ask? Well, while the researchers state that they have yet to isolate one single reason for this sudden drop in male sperm count, they all do agree that a bevy of unhealthy modern lifestyle choices reside at the heart of the matter. In particular, according to the work of former Food & Drug Administration (FDA) investigator and new author Dr. Renee Dufault (Unsafe at Any Meal, Square One, $16.95 USD), the strong prevalence of unhealthy eating habits and poor nutrition choices at play in America's predominantly "processed-foods" geared Standard American Diet (SAD) are as responsible for this worrisome situation as are the man-made chemicals—toxic levels of heavy metals like mercury and arsenic among others, to be precise—that Dr. Dufault discovered, to her dismay, were being allowed into a number of processed foods by the FDA.

When Dr. Dufault brought the findings of her investigation to her superiors at the FDA, as she explains in her new book, the details of her findings were shunned and shuffled
aside—right up until the time when her superiors demanded simply that she cease conducting any of her research. A scientist of conviction and proud veteran member of the U.S. military, Dr. Dufault opted in January 2008 for an early retirement from the FDA and made the swift decision to bring her findings to the public and serve as founder and executive director of the Food Ingredient and Health Research Institute (FIHRI)—a nonprofit organization devoted to food ingredient safety, education, and research.

Unsafe at Any Meal, has crystallized her impassioned approach to public health, and has already been positively reviewed by Publishers Weekly (“[Dufault] portrays a federal food safety system rife with ineffective regulations and practices that have left an unknowing American public vulnerable to food contaminants”); Library Journal (“offers an illuminating perspective on food safety in America, presenting the information in an easy-to-understand manner and providing definitions where necessary for laypeople”; and Midwest Book Review (“Extensive references and an index [that] round out this ‘must-have’ for health-conscious consumers. Highly recommended!”) among others.

So before you eat yet another of those toxic health bombs that our mainstream media continue to celebrate with oodles of ad dollars and promotional campaigns, think again about
how much more damage this Western diet can continue to do to our national sperm count and our future generations of children and grandchildren. Unsafe at Any Meal is a wake-up call, and the key to a healthier life—not just for men, but for the women and the children who love them.

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Late TAKING WOODSTOCK author Elliot Tiber helped make the scene!

Posted: 2017/07/04   Source: The Times Herald-Record

Garden City Park, New York: On July 1, one day after June's Gay Pride Month and only a few days before our country's July 4th Declaration of Indepedence celebration, something wonderful happened northward in the upstate New York town of Bethel—or happened again.

As reported recently in USA Today and more regionally in The Times Herald-Record, the iconic stretch of land known to Woodstock lore as "Yasgur's Farm" (now called the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts) was officially bequeathed a special National Register of Historic Places plaque in recognition of its cultural relevance as the site for the legendary Woodstock Music & Arts Festival that took place from August 15 to 18 in 1969 (almost 48 years ago).

In addition to Santana percussionist Michael Carabello and original Woodstock Ventures member Joel Rosenman, who were in attendance at Bethel Woods on July 1, the event was attended by the great original Woodstock festival organizer Michael Lang. As the article and all of Woodstock history now states, it was a single phone call to Lang from struggling artist and closeted motel manager Elliot Tiber that helped relocate a soon-to-be-cancelled concert festival from the town of Wallkill over to Tiber's own little corner of the world called White Lake. The wonderful story of how Lang and the rest of the Woodstock Ventures scene were able to keep their dream afloat is told by Tiber (who passed away last year on August 3 at age 81) in his first of three acclaimed memoirs, Taking Woodstock (co-written with Tom Monte). After his first memoir was made into the 2009 feature film from two-time Oscar winning director Ang Lee, Tiber went on to write first a "prequel" memoir (Palm Trees on the Hudson) and a "sequel" memoir that serves as his swan song, After Woodstock.

As a proudly gay man from the Summer of '69 on, Tiber was at least able to savor the sweetness of having seen the Stonewall Inn (where he and various of his fellow LGBTQ brothers and sisters finally fought back against years of systemic abuse and police persecution) be declared a National Monument by President Obama on June 24, 2016. Though he is sadly not with us here in this world to celebrate in this national recognition of the Woodstock Miracle, there's comfort in knowing that he is most likely out there in the cosmic somewhere smiling and grooving along with Hendrix and Joplin and Havens and Cocker and all those other beautiful people who were there and who now remain an everlasting piece of this life-loving mosaic that is and always will be . . . Woodstock.

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And the Winner Is . . . Square One's ADHD & THE FOCUSED MIND!

Posted: 2017/06/26

Garden City Park, New York: Square One is proud to announce that it has won another Benjamin Franklin Award from the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) announced at their annual awards ceremony during their Publishing University event (held this year in Portland, Oregon).

ADHD & The Focused Mind (Square One, $17.95 USD) is the book that brought home the gold for Square One in the "Best Parenting & Family Issues" category; no coincidence, given the book's central emphasis on the same focus and self-discipline that Olympic medal-winning legend Michael Phelps was taught by his mother, Deborah, when he was diagnosed with ADHD as a young boy. Twenty-two Olympic medals and thirty-nine broken world records in swimming later, it seems safe to say that Phelps' life and incredible level of achievement to date has been served wonderfully well by this important and child-specific approach.

Written by husband-and-wife MDs (Sarah Cheyette, MD and Ben Cheyette, MD, PhD) who joined forces with martial arts master instructor Peter Johnson, ADHD & The Focused Mind is designed specifically to help explain for readers the core basics of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), including its common signs and what researchers have discovered about it. The book's remaining chapters detail the components of the authors' own program for dealing with ADHD, including its principles, its goals, and the practical ways in which these goals can be achieved. The authors recognize that all children are different, so the program has the flexibility to work within a child's own particular comfort level while still attaining the necessary level of focus. The book then concludes with a discussion of medications for ADHD, and how to decide what's right for your child.

To date, ADHD & the Focused Mind has received critical praise from Publishers Weekly ("[A] fresh and practical approach . . . [p]arents and kids will plenty of useful ideas in this innovative, 'athletic mindset' approach to tackling ADHD") and Library Journal ("Filled with resources and further reading to assist parents, teachers, and coaches, this manual will aid those with ADHD to learn to hone their attention skills in ways that will be familiar to those who enjoy and participate in sports").

Summer may now be in full swing, but the next new school year will be here before we know it. Feel free to order a copy of this award-winning book today wherever books are sold.

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New Pride Month Rave for Tiber's Swan Song . . .

Posted: 2017/06/06

Garden City Park, NY: June is Gay Pride Month, and there is now a wonderful new rave up on Facebook in recognition of the late gay rights pioneer and memoirist Elliot Tiber's final book, After Woodstock.

Earlier today, acclaimed author/memoirist Steven Sorrentino (former VP and Exec PR director at HarperCollins and also Special Events Director at the esteemed Barnes & Noble store located at NYC's 86th & Lexington) posted the following about the third part of the "Tiber Trilogy":

Pride Month Reading Recommendation: Check out this hilarious and often painful (third) memoir of Gay Rights (and Woodstock!) pioneer Elliot Tiber--AFTER WOODSTOCK. He tells his--and a gay culture's--post Woodstock story with such a mixture of humor and pathos but ultimately a story about love, family and self-liberation in the context of another time. Some high points for me were a journey to Belgium to follow his heart, a searing and touching recounting of his father's death and oh the descriptions of the mother!! A scene where Tiber and his lover go to Israel to meet his mom's Russian fiancee and attend their wedding is worth the price of admission alone! Some great descriptive writing here, a wonderful ear for dialogue, and a cultural history lesson for all . . .

Sorrentino's own hilarious and touching first book, Luncheonette: A Memoir (Harper Paperbacks), tells the especially poignant story of Sorrentino's loyal and loving relationship to his family and especially his father during a period of hard illness and recovery. Sorrentino has recently completed his first novel.

Before After Woodstock, Tiber (who passed away last year on August 3, 2016) had written previously the two acclaimed memoirs Taking Woodstock (2007) and Palm Trees on the Hudson (2010). It was Taking Woodstock that was turned into the 2009 feature film directed by two-time Oscar winning director Ang Lee (who wrote an especially gracious and appreciative Foreword to After Woodstock). The popular comedian and all-around creative genius Demetri Martin (who played Tiber in the Ang Lee film) has now released his first film as a director entitled Dean, which is now opening to a number of positive reviews nationwide. And with the 50th anniversary of the original 1969 Woodstock Festival now only a few years away, it seems safe to say that the life and times of Elliot Tiber will remain a zany yet preciously celebrated thing for years to come.

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