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Two big wins for novelist Misko's newest, THE PATH OF THE WIND

Posted: 2018/02/01   Source: Feathered Quill Book Awards (2018)

Garden City Park, NY: At a time when more authors are being published both inside and outside the trade book market than ever before, Jim Misko's recent first prize win is especially noteworthy. Starting the new year off right, Misko's newest novel The Path of the Wind  has  just won the Gold/1st Place award in the 2018 Feathered Quill  Book Awards Program for the Adult Fiction category.

This is the second time Misko has won the Feathered Quill award for his fiction—the first time was in 2016 when he was given the Feathered Quill Award for his acclaimed novel As All My Fathers Were  (which also won a Nebraska Book of the Year Award, the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, and the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Adult Fiction in 2015).

In addition to the recently won Feathered Quill, The Path of the Wind—which also took First Place Honorable Mention at the Los Angeles Book Festival this past year—has also just taken the Grand Prize and First Place in General Fiction from the KindleBookPromos Book Contest for all books published in 2017.

The Path of the Wind is the fifth novel written by Misko since his debut work, For What He Could Become, was published in 2004. In its review, the Midwest Book Review declared Misko "a truly gifted novelist with a genuine flair for creating deftly created and memorable characters" while it recognized Path as "a consistently entertaining and highly recommended addition to community library General Fiction collections."

As much as Misko enjoys seeing his work positively reviewed and honored with awards, what matters most to him is his strong and always-growing fan base. Misko has appeared at more than 70 book signing events over the past few years in several cities across Alaska, California, and Nebraska. Events have taken place at an array of Barnes & Noble locations, along with "brick 'n mortar" stores; many CostCo and Sam's Club stores; WalGreen drugstores; and various airport bookstores across the US. This past year, Misko gave the Keynote Address and taught a writing workshop at the Southern California Writers Conference; and this coming April 2018, he will give another Keynote Address along with teaching another writing workshop at the Nebraska Writers Conference.

Never one to let the time pass too idly, Misko is already hard at work on his sixth novel (tentative title: Tomorrow Is My Day).

The Path of the Wind, along with Mr. Misko's other four novels, is now available wherever books are sold.

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Bras Cause Breast Cancer. Ridiculous, right? Well, not according to the latest scientific evidence.

Posted: 2018/01/11   Source: Square One Publishers, Inc.

Garden City Park, NY:  Could wearing a tight bra really be one of the leading causes of breast cancer? New research provides continuing support to an issue that has remained a major controversy since first announced by medical anthropologists Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer in their book, Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras—first published in 1995, and now fully updated for a 2018 “Second Edition” release.

Singer and Grismaijer, a husband-and-wife research team and co-directors of the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease, first became involved in the breast cancer field when Soma discovered a lump in her breast and the couple dedicated themselves to looking for the cause. Their 1991-93 U.S. Bra and Breast Cancer Study was the first study to ever look at a possible bra/cancer link, and has since inspired numerous other studies such as a  Brazilian study featured in the April 2016 issue of Advances in Oncology Research and Treatments (“Wearing a Tight Bra for Many Hours a Day is Associated with Increased Risk of Breast Cancer”). Singer and Grismaijer’s work is also cited as the basis for new bra designs that claim to be safer for women’s breasts.

However, in a culture where the wearing of bras is viewed as an iconic symbol of womanhood and where fashion is still king, the bra/cancer link has been seen as a threat to the social fabric itself. Yet the studies that have gone on in the wake of Singer and Grismaijer’s work from the mid-1990s continue to show how tight bras cut off the flow of the lymphatic system that surrounds the breast tissue.

Recently, Oprah Winfrey was given the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the televised Golden Globes dinner. During her acceptance speech, she talked about this being “a new day” for women to be strong. How empowered can an audience truly feel, though, when one out of every eight women listening is estimated to get breast cancer? What if all it took to reduce these alarming numbers was for women to wear a less confining bra—or to simply go braless?

According to the National Cancer Institute, over seventy percent of all cases of breast cancer have no known cause. Singer and Grismaijer believe that the bra explains these cases, and that a simple alteration of bra habits can help prevent cancer in over 100,000 women each year in the U.S. alone. Millions of women might have been spared this disease if the issue had been taken seriously back in 1995, when it was first announced to a non-receptive cancer industry. Billions of dollars in health care costs could have been saved as well. And all that any of us need to do, according to Singer and Grismaijer, is to look at the latest research available in this new edition of Dressed to Kill.

To further demonstrate the effects of bras on breast health, Singer and Grismaijer are encouraging women to join the International Bra-Free Study, at, creating a cohort of women who will be available for further research and to show that bra-free women have the lowest rates of breast cancer.

Dressed to KillSecond Edition ($16.95 USD, Square One) is now available on and wherever books are sold.

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Hemp Chocolate this Valentine's? Sure, says bestselling health author/pharmacist Earl Mindell.

Posted: 2018/01/08   Source: Sydney Gore, Paper Magazine

Garden City Park, NY: Things have started up quickly for Square One in the new year, with one of our bestselling health authors interviewed and featured in a recent article about the relative benefits (many) and any potential side effects (none) to be found in a new hemp chocolate treat goodie from Sakara Life.

Earl Mindell, RPh, MH, PhD—registered pharmacist and long-time best-selling health author of books like Earl Mindell's New Vitamin Bible, and more recently The Happiness Effect and What You Must Know About Homeopathic Remedies (both with Square One), among others—was just featured in an article written by journalist Sydney Gore for Paper Magazine ("I'm Not a Stoner, But I Can't Stop Eating These Hemp Chocolates").

In the article, Dr. Mindell confirms Sakara Life's claim that the hemp oil used in their product does not contain THC compounds. It is therefore free of the "high" that THC produces when it interacts with the cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) found in the cannabis plant from which hemp seeds are turned into oil. As a result, these hemp chocolates when eaten have the power to alleviate various health challenges such as "anxiety, depression, PMS, insomnia, inflammation and chronic pain." Dr. Mindell does, however, advise folks out there to learn how hemp oil is extracted into any product; and further suggests that it helps to know if it is organic and how much CBD can be found in the sweet (always listed on the label).

Dr. Mindell's book Healing with Hemp Oil: A Simple Guide to Using the Powerful and Proven Health Benefits of CBD ($16.95 USD, Square One) is now available wherever books are sold.

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Another strong year for Square One in 2017

Posted: 2017/12/18

Garden City Park, New York: It has been quite a healthy eighteenth year for Square One Publishers. Only days away from the brand new year that awaits us all in 2018, here below is a list of top highlights that took place in 2017:

* Dr. Vlassara's AGE-less DietAlong with co-authors Gary E. Striker, MD and bestselling healthy cooking author and registered dietitian Sandra Woodruff, visionary medical expert Helen Vlassara, MD brought her own pioneering studies of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) to the mainstream in a new book called "inspiring" by Booklist and commended by Publishers Weekly for "offering readers a lucid explanation of how these chemical compounds [AGEs] damage and age the body."

Richard S. Isaacson, MD—lead author of The Alzheimer's Prevention & Treatment Diet and founder/director of the Alzheimer's Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York Presbyterian—continued his frequent appearances on TV's The Dr. Oz Show before taping a segment this past summer that appeared on the nationally popular TV show The 700 Club.

ADHD & the Focused Mind by Sarah Cheyette, MD, Peter Johnson, and Ben Cheyette, MD, PhD won the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Parenting Title awarded annually by the California-based Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA).

* Unexpected Recoveries, the most recent book from New York Times' bestselling author Tom Monte, was declared by MBR Bookwatch  "a powerful tool" to be "especially commended to the attention of patients whose doctors told them there is no cure, no treatment proven to eliminate their particular condition," while acclaimed health writer Larry Trivieri, Jr.'s newest book Apple Cider Vinegar was applauded by IndieReader for "providing both a cultural and historical context and a clearly laid-out, step-by-step process for [apple cider vinegar's] uses in the fight against 80 ailments."

* The Fabulous Fiber Cookbook: In a review that has helped make it a winner in the library market alongside the traditional bookstore, Sandra Woodruff's newest cookbook was considered "Certain to be an enduringly popular addition to personal, family, and community library cookbook collections" (Midwest Book Review, "The Cookbook Shelf").

* Just in time for Thanksgiving this past November, bestselling author and Paleo lifestyle anthropologist Geoff Bond's new book Paleo in a Nutshell was featured by Taste for Life Magazine in their holiday round-up issue ("Give Thanks for Good Health: Head into the Holidays in Top Shape with These Recent Titles").

* And with a message as urgent and crucial to our times as the late Rachel Carson's anti-pesticides classic Silent Spring was in the 1960s, Unsafe at Any Meal: What the FDA Does Not Want You to Know About the Foods You Eat by former FDA health investigator Dr. Renee Dufault has emerged and remained as one of the most important—and yes, controversial—health titles of the year. Recognized as a top health title by Library Journal ("offers an illuminating perspective on food safety in America"), Publishers Weekly ("portrays a federal food safety system rife with ineffective regulations and practices that have left an unknowing American public vulnerable to food contaminants"), the top online site for alternative stories, Alternetand Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients ("[a] groundbreaking book, which may hold the answers to why we remain in the midst of such a devastating national health crisis") among others, Dr. Dufault's book was also shown to contain early evidence (discovered by Dufault over a decade ago) of heavy metal toxins present in processed foods like baby formula. This past October, a new study conducted by nonprofit organization The Clean Label Project found that alarming levels of arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals were detected in about eighty percent (80%) of all baby food brands including Enfamily, Plum Organics, and Gerber. Though she was able upon the book's release to plead her case to millions of Americans through the popular nighttime radio show "Coast to Coast AM," there are still a lot of people in this country and across the world who need to know what Dr. Dufault has discovered. For her and Square One alike, the work has only just begun.

As we head into the new year of 2018, all of us want to see that our world becomes a safer—and healthier—place. With a new list of titles once again focused on the undying need for truth and knowledge during an increasingly alarming and anxious age, Square One embraces proudly its mission statement as "The Best Place to Start." In the words of Shakespeare, "What's past is prologue." In this time of holiday presents and end-of-year remembrance, Square One is focused completely on the future—which begins now.

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Judge James P. Gray gives TEDx presentation on reforming drug policy

Posted: 2017/12/04

Garden City Park, NY: Judge James P. Gray, drug legalization advocate and author of Wearing the Robe ($21.95 USD, Square One), recently gave an inspired presentation about the various problems of US drug prohibition at the TEDx Talks event in Bakersfield, California. (Click here for a link to see his impassioned discussion on this controversial but important topic.)

In addition to the many years he served as a trial court judge in Orange County, California, Judge Gray was also the Libertarian candidate for Vice President of the United States—alongside the party's presidential candidate and former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson—in 2012. Following his graduation from UCLA and a stint as Volunteer in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica, Judge Gray went on to secure a law degree from the USC School of Law and then served in the US Navy JAG Corps at the Naval Air Stations in Guam and in Lemoore, California. Of his unique and well-received book Wearing the Robe,  the Honorable Clay M. Smith wrote in California Courts Commentary Magazine that the book is "Inspirational in its general view of the judicial calling and exceptionally practical in its explanation of how to seek, attain, and excel in that calling . . . a very profitable read for sitting judges, judicial aspirants, and others with an interest in the role of judge in today's society."

To learn more about Judge James P. Gray, feel free to visit his website at Wearing the Robe is available now wherever books are sold.

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