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There May Not Be a Sanity Clause, But There's Definitely a Santa Claus (and We've Got the Book to Prove It)

Posted: 2020/11/23

Garden City Park, NY: Considering how painful this year has been, here is a book from Square One that celebrates more than a hundred years of history—told through postcards—of the one man who remains a true symbol of love and joy for much of our nation: Santa Claus.

Through wars, depressions, and now a global pandemic, good ol' Kris Kringle allows us to remember that there is still kindness and caring out there. All of this is what you will find in our book, Postcards from Santa Claus ($14.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0105-5).

This unique full-color book—one of four now available from Square One—captures the events and emotions of times gone by through beautiful "Santa" postcard images, personal messages, and captivating text. If you are looking for a unique perspective on the many wonderful Santa postcards and the messages that have been sent home to loved ones over the years, this is the book for you—and it's a perfect holiday gift, too!

Postcards from Santa Claus is available now at, Barnes & Noble, and everywhere else that books are sold.

Square One wishes everyone a very happy (and safe) Thanksgiving, and here's "ho-ho-ho"-ping that the coming new year is a far better one for us all.

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Waging War in the Chaos of Corrupt Probate Guardianships (One State at a Time)

Posted: 2020/08/11

GARDEN CITY PARK, NY: While hosting his increasingly popular popdcast "All Rise!" a few weeks ago, the renowned judge and former Libertarian Party VP candidate Judge Jim Gray (ret.) told his show's guest that he was in support of his cause and would do what he could to help the effort.

The guest? Florida-based licensed physician Sam Sugar, MD. And his cause? To simply, but swiftly, bring to light the ongoing litany of abuses that continue to take place within the labyrinthine center of this country's justice system when it comes to the daily practice of court-appointed probate guardianship—a netherworld of neglect and malfeasance that Dr. Sugar continues criminal to the core.

For Dr. Sugar, who is also co-founder of the non-profit AAAPG (Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship), this is nothing new. What is new, however, is Jim Gray's on-air endorsement of what Dr. Sugar is trying to do—and the public assurance that Gray would look to assist Sugar in spreading his message.

This past week, Judge Gray (author of Square One's Wearing the RobeThe Art and Responsibilities of Judging in Today's Courts) sent out a signed letter to all presiding judges across the 58 separate counties located throughout the state of California. In his letter, from which he has granted Square One permission to quote, Judge Gray has written the following:

"Dr. Sugar has convinced me that there really are situations in some courts around the country, including California, that raise truly troubling allegations of deep and fundamental mismanagement of guardianships and conservatorships, if not actual fraud."

He goes on in the letter to implore those of his fellow actively serving judges to "reinforce our obligations of supervision and the requiring of timely and proper accounting and, furthermore, that if you hear any allegations that any officers appointed by the court have abused their positions, you cause an independent investigation promptly to be conducted into each of those allegations."

Guardianship continues to exist in every state of the US, and while it has gone under the radar for many decades, Dr. Sam Sugar’s new book, Guardianships and the Elderly ($19.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0433-9), sheds light on abusive court-appointed probate guardianship, which enable those in the know to commit the “perfect crime.”

The book has already received critical praise from key publications such as Kirkus Reviews ("Powerful . . . a potent, important call to action"), Booklist ("an informative look at an important yet little-understood subject"), and Publishers Weekly ("[E]nlightens readers about the financial and psychological toll taken on vulnerable elderly people by corrupt court-appointed guardians . . . a timely and valuable cri de coeur") among others.

Bear in mind that this is hardly a new problem: For example, a network TV news report on the topic of corrupt probate guardianships was aired nineteen years ago in 2001. (To see the first segment, click here. To see the second segment, click here.) Meanwhile, Dr. Sugar was featured in a regional "ABC Action News" segment aired last year.

As our nation, in the midst of continued COVID-19 concerns, faces a growing number of issues involving potential loss of personal freedom and civil liberties, there may be no better way to defend yourself and your family than by picking up a copy of Dr. Sam Sugar's book Guardianships and the Elderly. If you are looking for the best True Crime book for this summer, you may well have found it right here.

Guardianships and the Elderly is available in physical and digital formats everywhere.

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A Tale of Ten Masons: 7 Named "Roger," The Others in a Jar

Posted: 2020/08/07

Garden City Park, NY: Now in its twentieth year, Square One Publishers has consistently met the needs of readers everywhere with an eclectic mix of niche nonfiction and occasional fiction titles. Chief among these categories has been alternative health, where Square One remains in place as the biggest independently-owned publisher in the United States to maintain shared focus on both traditional and complementary health books.

Chief among these titles have been the works of bestselling health author Roger Mason. The books from Mason's bestselling series of seven health titles (now having sold well over 1 million copies to date) are available from Square One Publishers as follows:

The Natural Prostate Cure, 3rd Ed.
A Practical Guide to Using Diet and Supplements for a Healthy Prostate
$9.95 USD ($13.95 CAN), ISBN: 978-0-7570-0476-6
6 x 9 Quality Trade Paperback * 144 pages

# # # # # # #

The Natural Diabetes Cure, 2nd Ed.
Curing Blood Sugar Disorders Without Drugs
$9.95 USD ($13.95 CAN), ISBN: 978-0-7570-0369-1
6 x 9 Quality Trade Paperback * 128 pages

# # # # # # #

Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs, 3rd Ed.
Curing Your Hypertension Naturally
$9.95 USD ($13.95 CAN), ISBN: 978-0-7570-0482-7
6 x 9 Quality Trade Paperback * 144 pages

# # # # # # #

Lower Your Cholesterol Without Drugs, 2nd Ed.
Curing High Cholesterol Naturally
$9.95 USD ($13.95 CAN), ISBN: 978-0-7570-0 367-7
6 x 9 Quality Trade Paperback * 128 pages

# # # # # # #

Macrobiotics for Everyone, 2nd Ed.
A Practical and Delicious Approach to Eating Right for
Better Health, Natural Balance,
and Less Stress
$9.95 USD ($13.95 CAN), ISBN: 978-0-7570-0372-1
6 x 9 Quality Trade Paperback * 128 pages

# # # # # # #

Testosterone Is Your Friend, 3rd Ed.
Understanding & Controlling One of Nature's Most Potent Hormones
$9.95 USD ($13.95 CAN), ISBN: 978-0-7570-0477-3
6 x 9 Quality Trade Paperback * 128 pages

# # # # # # #

Natural Health for Women, 2nd Ed.
Natural Cures for Women's Health Issues
$9.95 USD ($13.95 CAN), ISBN: 978-0-7570-0368-4
6 x 9 Quality Trade Paperback * 160 pages

# # # # # # #

And as it turns out, Roger Mason is not the only Mason named as part of the Square One line. While the actor James Mason is mentioned in a fun question about the 1979 TV adaptation of Stephen King's novel Salem's Lot in our book Fred Willard's Magnificent Movie Trivia (one of five fun "Buzztime Trivia" game titles that Square One has published), we have also published a fun set of three bestselling "Mason Jar" cookbook titles that have sold together over 100,000 copies to date.

These three fun and useful cookbook titles are available as follows:

The Mason Jar Cookie Cookbook
How to Create Mason Jar Cookie Mixes
$12.95 USD ($18.95 CAN)
ISBN: 978-0-7570-0046-1
7.5 x 7.5 Quality Trade Paperback
144 pages

# # # # # # #

The Mason Jar Soup-to-Nuts Cookbook
How to Create Mason Jar Recipe Mixes
$12.95 USD ($18.95 CAN)
ISBN: 978-0-7570-0129-1
7.5 x 7.5 Quality Trade Paperback
144 pages

# # # # # # #

The Mason Jar Dessert Cookbook
How to Create Mason Jar Dessert Mixes
$12.95 USD ($18.95 CAN)
ISBN: 978-0-7570-0295-3
7.5 x 7.5 Quality Trade Paperback
144 pages

# # # # # # #

If you would like to place an order for any/all of these bestselling "Mason" books, please note that Square One titles are available through Ingram, New Leaf, Quality Books, and Thomas Allen & Son (Canada) among other fine distributors. They are also available online or wherever books are sold nationwide.

We hope to hear from you, and wish you all well during this challenging time.

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THE DOCTOR "REALLY" WILL SEE YOU NOW: Newly Available, Square One's Book Looks to Be a Surefire Way to a Better Bedside Manner

Posted: 2020/07/25

“A brilliantly humane and practical guide for how to be a good doctor.”
Samuel Shem, Professor of Medicine and Medical Humanities (NYU Medical School)

GARDEN CITY PARK, NY: Clearly the science of medicine has progressed by leaps and bounds over the last twenty years—from computerized surgery to genetic modification. Yet medicine is more than just a science. It is also an art. As medical students complete their education, however, they may find that their training has been focused solely on the mechanics of diagnosis and treatment. While this scientific knowledge is fundamental to proper healthcare, it can overlook the importance of interacting with patients. In an attempt to refocus on how vital it is for doctors to consider their patients in full, Dr. Clifton K. Meador has written The Little Book of Doctors’ Rules ($14.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0493-3). It offers simple and concise suggestions to humanize the practice of medicine.

In this book, Dr. Meador draws on his nearly sixty-year medical career for nuggets of advice with both compassion and humor. Although there may not be a defined medical disease behind every physical symptom, Dr. Meador reminds us that the reason behind a symptom may be found if a doctor observes and listens carefully to a patient. He believes an effective physician treats a patient, not just a patient’s disease.

The Little Book of Doctors’ Rules offers insightful guidelines that address a host of topics, which include developing a rapport with patients, diagnosing dementia, and prescribing drugs. Designed for any healthcare professional, these short rules are easily understood and (mostly) non-technical. In addition to his own reflections, Dr. Meador has included advice offered by some of the past giants of medicine. It is no coincidence that their words echo this book's message, which gets to the true center of the healing arts.

Reviews on this new book have already started to come in and they have been excellent, including raves from Booklist ("Offers all involved with healthcare a commonsense, compassionate approach to working with patients . . . emphasizes the importance of astute listening and careful observation"), Midwest Book Review ("Expertly written, organized and presented . . . should be considered mandatory reading by all medical students, practicing physicians, and other members of the medical profession"), and book reviewer Charles Ashbacher ("All people in the health care chain—including patients—will find value in this jewel of medicine that does not contain a single technical term") along with a recent endorsement from former JAMA editor and fellow physician George Lundberg, MD.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Clifton A. Meador, MD, is a graduate of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. He was professor of medicine and then dean of the UAB School of Medicine from 1968 to 1973. He then served as chief of medicine and chief medical officer of Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville from 1973 to 1998. From 1999 to 2012, he served as the first executive director of the Meharry-Vanderbilt Alliance. Currently, Dr. Meador and his wife, Ann Cowden, live in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Little Book of Doctors' Rules is now available wherever books are sold.

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"AIR" On the Side of Caution: As the COVID-19 Pandemic Continues, This Helpful New Exercise Guide on How to Improve and Expand Your Ability to Breathe Is Timely

Posted: 2020/07/22

GARDEN CITY PARK, NY: It may begin with shortness of breath or perhaps a recurring cough as you inhale. Your ability to take in more air becomes impeded—for any number of reasons. The bottom line is that your body is not receiving the oxygen it requires, and when that happens, your body lets you know it. Exhaustion, depression, lack of focus, and dizziness can all set in, not to mention the organ damage created by a lack of oxygen. Prescription medications or an oxygen tank may provide some relief, but there are also a number of techniques that you can do on your own to improve your condition. Best-selling health writer Meera Patricia Kerr and Dr. Sandra A. McLanahan have teamed up to provide an effective breathing exercise program. Their new book, Take a Deep Breath ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0481-0) is designed to help those who have any number of breathing problems increase their lung capacity safely and naturally.

The book is divided into two parts. Part One provides information basic to understanding the authors’ unique program. You will learn the importance of the respiratory system to your health and how you can improve your breathing through specific time-tested exercises. You will also learn about the mental blocks that may prevent you from performing these simple yet important exercises—and how you can overcome them. Part Two presents the full breathing program, from assuming the right postures to carrying out essential techniques for lung improvement. As you will discover, this program offers benefits far beyond easier breathing, including the ability to overcome stress, gain mental clarity, and take control over your life.

While there may not be a complete cure for every breathing disorder, you can play a crucial role in improving your condition. Take a Deep Breath gives you the tools you need to control your breathing and optimize your health. All it takes is one deep breath at a time.

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