WHEN THE SUBJECT IS RAPE now available as an audiobook

WHEN THE SUBJECT IS RAPE now available as an audiobook

Garden City Park, NY: Square One is pleased to announce that its newest title When the Subject Is Rape ($17.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0522-0) has now been made available in audiobook format as narrated by Christy Hodson.

Written by Alan W. McEvoy, PhD, When the Subject Is Rape is designed specifically to illustrate the role men can play as allies in a woman’s recovery from rape.

This book examines the many aspects of rape. It looks at both the short- and long-term emotional and psychological impacts rape can have on a woman, what she can expect during the prosecution of her rapist, and strategies that can help her to recover from the assault. It discusses how the men in her life should communicate with her and address her needs throughout her recovery, and describes how they should conduct themselves to avoid unintentionally causing her more pain. It also explains how to identify changes in behavior that may signal an undisclosed rape. Even if a rape goes unreported, both the emotional consequences and the need for support throughout the recovery process will still be present.

Rape is not an easy subject to discuss. Sexual violence can radically alter the course of a woman's life. By understanding the trauma associated with rape and other forms of sexual assault, men can play an important part in a woman's healing process. When the Subject Is Rape provides information that can help men to create a climate of support for the empowerment of women who are on the path to recovery.

The book has been applauded by Publishers Weekly (“An insightful manual . . . an ideal road map for male partners or friends who want to help, but don’t know where to start”), Medium (“There’s a continuous sense of humanity and sensitivity to McEvoy’s guidance”), and Midwest Book Review (“Expertly written . . . every community library, every college/university library, and every counseling center needs to have a copy of When the Subject Is Rape”). In addition, Dr. McEvoy has a popular blog supported by the nationally popular magazine Psychology Today – to see Dr. McEvoy’s blog, you can click here or copy/paste the URL below:


To hear a sample from the just-released When the Subject Is Rape in audio, please CLICK HERE.
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