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APRIL IS NATIONAL AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH - Check out Square One's titles in this area

Posted: 2023/03/31

GARDEN CITY PARK, NY: Since April is National Autism Awareness Month, we wanted to make sure folks know about Square One's titles on this topic.

Does Your Baby Have Autism? ($17.95 USD, ISBN: 9780757002403) reflects the pioneering work of Osnat and Philip Teitelbaum, medical researchers who show in this book the specific ways in which parents may be able to determine if a child is autistic within the first year of life (as opposed to mainstream autism treatment, which only first diagnoses children at the age of two or three).

Creative Therapy for Children with Autism, ADD, and Asperger's ($17.95 USD, ISBN: 9780757003004) presents a unique approach to autism and other associated disorders focused tightly on various exercises, activities, and games using art, music, and physical movement.

Finding Robert: What the Doctors Never Told Us About Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Hard Lessons We Learned ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 9780757004025) tells the true story of Robert and Catherine Stevens, who in the mid-1990s were only able to find their developmentally-challenged son Robert again after pulling away from mainstream medicine's side effects-laden treatments and opting instead for a number of nontraditional and holistic therapies with emphases on better nutrition and healthier foods. (Also available as an audiobook.)

We sincerely hope that these titles may be of use and service to all whose lives may improve as a result.

All Square One titles are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble (both store and online),, and everywhere else that books are sold.

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The ICC Wants to Try Russia's Vladimir Putin for War Crimes—But What About George W. Bush?

Posted: 2023/03/22

GARDEN CITY PARK, NY: This past week (March 17, 2023), the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Netherlands announced publicly that they have issued an arrest warrant for Russia's Vladimir Putin in light of the ongoing war against the Ukraine.

This begs the following question: What about our own President George W. Bush, and the war crimes that he himself committed twenty years ago whene he initiated the 2003-2011 Iraq War under the false claim that Saddam Hussein's regime were harboring "weapons of mass destruction"?

In recent days, the MSNBC-TV program "The Mehdi Hasan Show" aired a segment entitled "Iraq War: 20 Years Later" that places blame for that entire military operation at President Bush's feet. To see this troubling segment, you can either click here or you can copy/paste the link below into your own chosen browser:

For our author, seven-time Emmy award-winning producer and director Terry Jastrow, this recent report on President Bush's wrongdoings while in office is nothing new. In fact, his debut work of political fiction The Trial of George W. Bush ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 9780757005060) embodies Jastrow's hopes not only for peace and injustice in the world arena—but also political responsibility and accountability, starting with President Bush.

When conducting all manner of research for his novel, Jastrow (who is married to Oscar-nominated actress Anne Archer) was duly informed by the following shocking statistics from that war:

* US military deaths—4,431
* US military wounded physically and/or mentally in action—300,000 (approx.)
* Iraqi violent deaths—151,000
* Iraqi "excess" deaths (mostly civilian, "non"-military): 1 million, 33 thousand (approx.)
* Cost paid by US taxpayers—Over $2 trillion dollars (Note: $8,000 USD per avg. American)

By now, many have seen President Bush's speech flub made last year, when he spoke before an audience of the "wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of of Iraq—I mean, Ukraine." In light of the recent MSNBC report about our 43rd president, Terry Jastrow's novel about what might happen if President Bush were put on trial for war crimes at the ICC seems more relevant—and newsworthy—than ever.

The Trial of George W. Bush is available wherever books are sold, and can be also be heard in audio book format starring celebrated actor Jim Meskimen in the titular role (to hear a "sample," click here).

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Strong first review for WHEN THE SUBJECT IS RAPE (from PW)

Posted: 2023/03/21

Garden City Park, NY: Due out this June, Square One's When the Subject Is Rape (ISBN: 9780757005220) by Alan W. McEvoy, PhD has received its first review—and it is an excellent one.

Check out the link below to the review from Publishers Weekly (due out in the April 3 print edition as well):

Here is an isolated review quote for quicker reference:

“[An] insightful manual . . . offers men tools to best support female rape victims in their lives. McEvoy defines basic vocabulary and elucidates how victims can experience a variety of complicated emotions, from anger or shame to feelings of isolation . . . McEvoy handles his topic with sensitivity and is careful not to overstate the man’s role in the healing process—it’s vital for women to maintain total agency throughout—while still making clear that they can play an important support role. This is an ideal road map for male partners or friends who want to help, but don’t know where to start.”  Publishers Weekly

Square One is especially proud to be the publisher of such a valuable and important book.

More to come . . .

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HOW OUR CULTURE MAKES US SICK—pioneering medical anthropologist Sydney Ross Singer's health "wake-up call"

Posted: 2023/03/20

Garden City Park, NY: Sydney Ross Singer believes the field of medicine is corrupted by the profit motive, and blinded by corporate-sponsored bias. As he said in his recent national appearance on Coast to Coast AM, “Medicine is not about doing good in the world. It’s about selling drugs and other medical procedures.”

Dr. Singer, who founded the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease, has developed numerous groundbreaking, and controversial, theories into the cultural causes of our common health problems. His recent work exposes how America’s favorite foods are riddled with acrylamides—a chemical long considered a nerve poison, a carcinogen, and a harm to human reproduction—and what health problems this could be causing, as well as why people are not hearing about this vital issue.

Drawing from his new article “How to Stay Healthy in a Sick Culture,” (click here), Singer continues to make himself avaialble to speak with media about the following important topics/viewpoints (all a part of a new field of health research called “Applied Medical Anthropology”):

1. How the way you wear a bra can cause breast cancer (based on initial research from the 1990s, and covered in his bestselling book Dressed to Kill, 2nd Ed.).

2. How migraines, sleep apnea, glaucoma, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and more are related to the way you sleep.

3. How thyroid disease can be caused by the way you use your voice.

4. How the tonsils work and why you need them.

5. How not taking bathroom breaks throughout the day can cause lots of health problems.

6. And how trusting experts is often a big mistake.

The timing on Singer's reappearance in the media is especially good, given a recent TikTok video from an influencer who goes by the moniker "KellyHaze," in which she talks about how her sports bra caused a lump in her breast—which her OB-GYN said came from the constriction of lymphatic tissue likely caused by wearing a sports bra constantly. This assertion is practically a quote from Singer and Grismaijer, and the research that they have pursued since the mid-1990s (covered in depth throughout Dressed to Kill).

To get a look at the "KellyHaze" TikTok video (which now has over 7.8 million views), click here or copy/paste the link below:

And to see a recent article that creates a bridge between the "KellyHaze" video and our book Dressed to Kill, you can also click here or copy/paste the URL below:

Dressed to Kill, Second Ed.: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras is available in paperback and digital/eBook formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and everywhere else where books are sold. It is also available in audio book format—to hear a "sample," click here.

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STUPID CUPID: Lead and Cadmium Found in Dark Chocolate, but Folks Are More Interested in Valentine's Day than Health

Posted: 2023/02/11

Garden City Park, NY: Happy Valentine's Day?! Not if you're a fan of dark chocolate. According to a recent report in Consumer Reports, troublesome levels of the heavy metal toxins lead and cadmium have been found in various US-manufactured dark chocolate products.

And that's not all. The US Congress, along with various other food safety advocacy groups, have also found metal contaminants in a variety of spices, fruit juices, rice—and even baby food, which is especially worrisome given the more than 33% increase in autism, ADHD, and various other childhood behavioral problems in recent years.

Still, much of the American media seems either to ignore this proven scientific data or—especially with Valentine's Day on the way—have fallen into a kind of denial about it. This is at our country's peril, according to former FDA food safety investigator turned whistleblower Dr. Renee Dufault.

In her book Unsafe at Any Meal: What the FDA Does Not Want You to Know About the Foods You Eat ($16.95, ISBN:  9780757004360), Dufault lays out the report that she had submitted to her superiors at the FDA over a decade ago—only to then find that they refused to make her report public. According to Dr. Dufault, “We here in America need to try to reduce those underlying conditions that arise over time as we consume the Standard American Diet, which of course stands for 'SAD.' We need to avoid these heavily processed and therefore 'unsafe' meals."

Dufault, who will appear this Wednesday (Feb. 15) from 10pm - Midnight Pacific (1am - 3am Eastern early Feb. 16) on the popular late-night program "Coast to Coast AM," points out in her book that children with autism and/or ADHD-related complications all over the world have been shown to have elevated inorganic mercury and lead levels in their blood. As she notes in chapter six of her book (“Spotlight on Autism and ADHD”), many baby formulas “contain corn sweetener in the form of corn syrup or corn syrup solids. Some formulas contain more corn sweetener than any other ingredient. I found one baby formula product in my local grocery store with a food ingredient label that claimed 54 percent of the product was made up of corn syrup solids and 26 percent of the product consisted of assorted vegetable oils.”

The presence of heavy metal toxins in many of our processed foods is at least something that everyone can agree is bad for adults and children alike. So now is the time for everyone in America to make healthier choices at each mealtime. With a copy of Unsafe at Any Meal in everybody’s home, we all stand a far greater chance at better health.

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