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The "Eyes" Have It—A Growing Wave of Attention Rolls in for WHAT YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT EYESTRAIN

Posted: 2022/06/17

Garden City Park, NY: Even as he prepares a full update on a forthcoming Second Edition of his long-acclaimed book Smart Medicine for Your Eyes, our bestselling author and noted optometrist Jeffrey Anshel, OD is starting to receive a new wave of notice on his newest title What You Must Know About Eyestrain ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0501-5).

First came a glowing review from Publishers Weekly, who declares Dr. Anshel's newest "almost encyclopedic in its comprehensiveness" and who goes on to write that "this accessible resource will empower readers to get their eyes in check."

Then there was a two-time invitation for Dr. Anshel to participate in new articles on eye care from nationally popular Bottom Line Publications (circulation: 1.5 million readers). The first, which ran just this past month, is called "Save Your Sight" (to see the article, click here), while the second due out now in the recent July issue is a shorter item on how to deal with floaters in one's vision.

Just this past week, the popular vision website Optometry Times posted an online article together with a short video that features a talk with Dr. Anshel—to get a look at this item, you can click here.

And as the start of what has always been a robust schedule of interviews with various radio shows and podcasts, Dr. Anshel was also interviewed recently on the popular West Coast-based program "The Kim Pagano Show." Various other media appearances are now expected throughout the summer and into the fall season.

What You Must Know About Eyestrain, is available now wherever books are sold.

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Judy Garland Centennial + LGBTQ+ Pride Month + Woodstock = TIBER TRILOGY!

Posted: 2022/06/02

Garden City Park, NY: June is not only LGBTQ+ Pride Month—it’s also the centennial June 10th birthdate anniversary of a woman named Frances Gumm . . . a.k.a., Judy Garland.

Add to these marvelous commemorations the annual trip back to the 1969 Woodstock Festival that so many take each August, and what do you get? The weird and wonderful life story of late great gay rights pioneer and "Woodstock Daddy" himself, Elliot Tiber, as told across his three critically acclaimed memoirs published by Square One and known unofficially as “The Tiber Trilogy.”

Tiber, who passed away at age 81 back in August 2016, was memorialized wonderfully both by the "newspaper of record" New York Times (click here to read) and also The Miami Herald since he had moved from his beloved New York City down to Miami in his last few years (click here for that appreciative piece).

While the first memoir in the “Trilogy" was turned into the acclaimed 2009 feature film Taking Woodstock from two-time Oscar winning director Ang Lee, and the "prequel" Palm Trees on the Hudson won 2020’s IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for "Best Audio - Nonfiction," it seems the best was saved for last with release of Tiber's swan-song masterpiece, After Woodstock.

Gifted with the subtitle The True Story of a Belgian Movie, an Israeli Wedding, and a Manhattan Breakdown (we always had fun when Elliot would send us his Absurdist ideas for subtitles!), After Woodstock is often as poignant as it is hilarious.

We wanted to share a short excerpt from After Woodstock. It is a scene from Chapter 4 (“Oh My Poppa—and the Nine Italian Heroes”), in which Elliot has his last moments with his dying father in an upstate New York hospital. The great Woodstock Festival of the Summer of 1969 did much to bring father and son together as Elliot stepped forward both to save the near-cancelled festival with his legal permit for a concert in Bethel, New York—and to announce himself to the world as a proudly gay man. The scene below takes place a year later in early summer 1970, and Elliot must say good-bye to his dying father . . .

[Excerpted from After Woodstock (c) 2015 by Elliot Tiber. Used by permission of the publisher—us.]

“I stayed at the hospital with Pop all night that Monday, hoping he might wake up again. Early the next morning, as the sun was starting to rise, I woke from a brief nap. I quietly positioned my chair so I was closer to his bed. I sat by his side and talked to him. I tried to awaken him a bit by enclosing his hands in mine. I had never had an opportunity to really hold my father’s hands before, so I cherished the moment. Pop was lying there in front of me, in a hospital bed with all manner of scary-looking equipment and tubes attached to him. The doctor had told us it would be pointless to speak to Pop, since he was now in a permanent coma and could not hear us or make any kind of response. Still, I held his hand and told him everything about myself, as I never had been able to do in the past. I told him that I was gay, that I did not believe in God, and that I could never forgive my mother for all her cruelties throughout the years to him and to me. Then I told him that I hoped he would still be proud to have me as his only son.

As the words came out, I began to choke up. I whispered, “I wish I’d been a better son, Pop. You will always be in my heart. If this is your time, don’t be afraid to let go. I’m here.” Then his seemingly lifeless hand grasped mine. It was not the vise-like grip I had known growing up, but it was a grip nevertheless—an acknowledgment, perhaps, of having heard me.

A moment later, he took a very deep breath, let it out, and stopped breathing. I knew he was finally at peace. No motel to worry about, no debts to pay, and no Momma barking out orders. I kissed his forehead and wept, my face resting against his chest for the first and last time.”

# # # # # # #

With this coming August standing as the annual Woodstock Festival anniversary, you may want to give a listen to an interview done a few months back by our own Anthony Pomes along with our trusted "Tiber narrator" Edwin Wald, in which they celebrate Elliot's memory and talk about the upcoming release of After Woodstock in audio (due out this Fall 2021). To hear/see the interview, click here or below:

After Woodstock is now being finalized for audiobook format read by Edwin Wald, and should be out by end of this summer.

So here’s to a good summer for ALL of us, whether we find ourselves over the rainbow—or under it.

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Posted: 2022/05/25

Garden City Park, NY: In the wake of Memorial Day and with Summer 2022 on the horizon, this is the perfect time to dig into a novel as incendiary as it is cleverand as horrific as it is humane.

Shunned thus far at nearly every level of mainstream media, The Trial of George W. Bush: A Novel by Terry Jastrow can now rightfully be declared "The Most Controversial Political Novel in America."

Terry Jastrow, an innovative seven-time Emmy winning producer/director and husband to Oscar-nominated actress Anne Archer, has long maintained that the Iraq War of 2003-2011 was an unjust and illegal action that never should have happeneda conviction that, in light of President George W. Bush's recent speech flub when he said "Iraq" rather than the intended "Ukraine," has now made Jastrow's impassioned novel au courant in this particular political moment.

In Jastrow’s novel, readers witness the scales of justice respond in a trial at the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands, where former President George W. Bush is accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. This fascinating trial brings together the following: eyewitness testimony from a former Secretary of State; the Commander of US Central Command who oversaw military operations; an American counterterrorism expert; and a female Iraqi blogger, who reads from the blogs she wrote while Bush’s war was destroying her country.

The Trial of George W. Bush ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0506-0) is available now on Amazon, and everywhere else that books are sold. It is also available in audiobook format, narrated by noted actor and master impressionist Jim Meskimen, who is now appearing alongside Sean Penn and Julia Roberts in the popular Starz limited series Gaslit. (To see him in that show as a member of the Senate Committee, be sure to click here - and to hear an excerpt from the audiobook of Jastrow's novel, including Meskimen's "Bush" voice, click here).

You still have the freedom to read what you like and to think for yourselfso we invite you to embrace your rights, and to read this book. It's that important.

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Posted: 2022/05/23

The Point

The value of most independent publishing companies is based
on two things—its frontlist titles, and its perennial bestsellers.

Releasing new titles each season is a necessity for any indie publisher, however, it is the books that sell year after year that remain the mainstay of most indie houses. These are those books that not only grab the attention of customers, but also connect with them on a personal level. Whether it’s a title, cover, or topic, these are the books that get picked up, flipped through, andbest of allpurchased.  There is something in each of these books that moves consumers to want to possess their own copies.

While you already may be aware of Square One’s health book list, I would like to give special mention to some of our perennial bestselling titles. While they may not make the current bestsellers’ lists, these have in fact sold literally tens of thousands of copies—and more—over the years. It’s not all that easy to know which titles will have that magic appeal. And while some may occasionally need to be updated, there are those that require no changes at all. For an indie publisher like Square One, though, it’s not always easy to get these perennials the attention that they deserve. So, if you want to increase your bottom line, let me introduce you to some wonderful perennials of which you may not yet be aware:

Conversations with God, Book 4: Awaken the Species (Rainbow Ridge Books, SQ1. dist., $16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-1-937907-57-0) by Neale Donald Walsch

God’s Message to the World
(Rainbow Ridge Books, SQ1 dist., $16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-1-937907-30-3) by Neale Donald Walsch

How to Teach Your Baby Math by Glenn Doman and Janet Doman ($13.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0184-0)

How to Teach Your Baby to Read by Glenn Doman and Janet Doman ($13.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0185-7)

How to Read a Person Like a Book by Gerard I. Nierenberg, Henry H. Calero, and Gabriel Grayson ($13.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0314-1)

Pea in a Pod, Third Ed.: Your Complete Guide to Pregnancy by Linda Goldberg ($19.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0489-6)

Suicide by Sugar by Nancy Appleton, PhD and G. N. Jacobs ($15.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0306-6)

Talking With Your Hands, Listening With Your Eyes: A Complete Photographic Guide to American Sign Language by Gabriel Grayson ($26.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0007-2)

The Video Poker Edge, Second Ed.: How to Play Smart and Bet Right by Linda Boyd ($17.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0252-6)

Your Body Never Lies: The Complete Book of Oriental Diagnosis by Michio Kushi ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0267-0)

If you are not familiar with any of these ten titles listed above, you are missing out on a great opportunity to sell more books in your store. Considering that each of these titles have quietly sold between 50,000 to 3 million copies so far, the proof is in the numbers. Please feel free to look here through our website to learn more about both our perennials and our forthcoming frontlist titles.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Rudy Shur, Publisher
Square One Publishers, Inc.

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THE RIGHTEOUS FEW, Marty Brounstein's acclaimed Holocaust title, is now available in audiobook format

Posted: 2022/04/23

“Fostering positive values such as respect
and unity are so relevant for today.”
Marty Brounstein (March 4, 1957 - July 31, 2020)

Garden City Park, NY: With the Passover holidays now concluded, Square One is pleased to announce that the late Marty Brounstein's acclaimed Holocaust title The Righteous Few ($16.95 USD, ISBN: 978-0-7570-0497-1) is now available in audiobook format.

What makes this audiobook especially poignant is that Mr. Brounstein served as narrator on it, and finished the job only a few weeks before his death (due to a short battle with cancer) in late July 2020.

The Righteous Few is the true story of how Frans and Mien Wijnakke, a Catholic couple from Dieden of the Netherlands, saved the lives of at least two dozen Jews in southern Holland at the height of the Holocaust during World War II. More than just a Holocaust account, what makes this tale so important to us all in these perilous political times is how this simple couple from a small town ran the risk of losing their lives every time that they saved a life.

The book has been declared a "great story" by top book critic Charles Ashbacher and celebrated by fellow reviewer Grady Harp as being "beautifully told." To listen to Marty Brounstein's sensitive narration of his own book is to be reminded of his wonderful storytelling skills and tireless visits to schools throughout the US and abroad in an effort to spread the word of this inspiring story.

His widow, Leah Baarswhose own survival of the Holocaust as a baby connects with The Righteous Fewis now at the helm, along with her children, of the "Inspiring Courage Legacy Fund" that Marty worked hard to set up prior to his passing. To learn more about the Legacy Fund, you can either CLICK HERE or copy/paste the URL below into your web browser:

To hear a sample of Marty Brounstein's narration of The Righteous Few in audio, please CLICK HERE. And if you would like to read Marty's other Holocaust book with us entitled Woman of Valorabout Eta Chait, a young Jewish woman who lived with her parents and siblings in Lukow, Polandfeel free to click here as well. Both of Marty Brounstein's books had the distinction of being reviewed last year in the longstanding popular Jewish publication Hadassah, which you can see if you CLICK HERE.

We at Square One remain proud of our affiliation with Marty Brounstein and all that he and his books have done, and continue to do, to keep this particular moment in history always remembered.

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