Arthur Rogen started his career as a teacher in the South Bronx. His work in sales began when he took a part-time position as a sales rep for a real estate developer. After quickly becoming the number-one salesperson, Mr. Rogen gave up his teaching position to work full time as the company’s regional sales manager. From there, he started his own real estate development company. After successfully selling his large tract of homesteads, he established a sales and marketing consulting firm, with clients that included such major corporations as Ford and Snapple. In 1990, Mr. Rogen saw an opportunity to start a thirdparty claim company that serviced the insurance industry. Over the next twenty years, he turned it into a multi-million-dollar business by developing a first-class sales force and the in-house technology to service his staff and clients. Mr. Rogen has also written numerous articles that have appeared in various newsletters and journals. Currently, he resides in Dix Hills, New York, with his wife, Sally.