Bill Tara has been an active advocate for natural heath care since 1967. He has served as a senior faculty member for the Kiental Institute in Switzerland and the Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. He was Chairman of the European Macrobiotic Assembly for four years and served as Chairman of the North American Macrobiotic Congress for two years. He was also Director of Natural Health Care at the SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain.

Tara has been a health counselor, teacher, author, entrepreneur, and creator of health education centers in Europe and North America. His innovative and creative teaching of traditional approaches to health, healing, and personal development have taken him to over twenty countries as a seminar leader. He has appeared on a variety of radio and television shows in England, America, and Australia, speaking on dietary policy and human ecology.

The author founded the Community Health Foundation in London, England, which was the largest natural health education center in the world. He was the co-founder of the Kushi Institute and served as Executive Director of the institute’s programs in both London and Boston. Together with his wife, Marlene Watson-Tara, he teaches workshops and intensive training in macrobiotics, vegan nutrition, and natural health care.