An Episcopal priest and thanatologist, John Abraham has devoted most of his adult life as a pioneer in the fields of grief therapy, hospice, death education, and, more controversially, the right-to-die movement.

This book is a product of those years of experience. Rabbi Earl A. Grollman, perhaps America’s best-known authority of death education and grief therapy, comments that “Whatever your opinions on the right-to-die movement, this is a book you must have in your library.”

Abraham is also well-known for his sometimes unconventional sense of humor; which makes it easier for people to become educated on a serious subject, to be better prepared for their own eventual deaths and to advocate for their loved ones at the end of life.

John is a graduate of The Peddie School, Colgate University, and Virginia Theological Seminary and a lifetime member of The Association for Death Education and Counseling through which he earned his advanced certification as a Fellow in Thanatology. He is also a lifetime member of all U.S. right-to-die organizations and has served with numerous groups long championing minorities and the underdog.

His primary avocations are reading, tennis, and — having enjoyed about a dozen motorcycles — he recently gave up riding a “suicycle.” The Reverend Abraham frequently gives talks and workshops on issues relating to death, grief, and the right-to-die movement. His personal Web site is