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Children with ADD are given powerful drugs to cope with their condition, but the drugs often have dangerous side effects. Without medication, though, how can these children be helped? In their new book, Nina Anderson and Dr. Howard Peiper provide a creative solution. They first explain how ADD is triggered by a central nervous system imbalance, and then offer a variety of effective natural therapies. A unique chapter addresses the treatment of related ailments such as fatigue and depression.

Nina Anderson Howard Peiper
Author Bio

Nina Anderson is a licensed pilot and professional writer. After graduating from Monmouth College, Ms. Anderson embarked on a career in aviation that would span over forty years. With her experience in flying both commercial airline and corporate planes, Ms. Anderson has written several exciting books on aviation including The Backseat Flyer and Eliminating Pilot Error! The Final Step in Flight Training. Ms. Anderson lives in Massachusetts and still loves to fly airplanes.

Howard Peiper, ND, is a doctor of naturopathic medicine. While beginning his career in optometry, he was immediately drawn to the field of alternative health. In 1972, he received his degree in Naturopathy. After a decade in private practice, Dr. Peiper moved on to become a successful consultant, speaker, and writer. Over the years, his cutting-edge articles have appeared in numerous medical journals and magazines. He also serves on the medical advisory board for several nutritional companies. Dr. Peiper has written several bestselling titles including The ADD & ADHD Diet! and New Hope for Serious Diseases. He is a frequent guest speaker on radio and television and has hosted his own shows including the award-winning TV show, Partners in Healing. Currently, Dr. Peiper lives in Southern California and continues to travel and lecture throughout the world.

Table of contents


The Problem
What About Ritalin?
A Doctor’s Reference
Why Go Natural?
Nutrition: The Common Sense Approach
Other Natural Therapies
ADD Co-pilots


About the Authors

Introduction or preface

Attention Deficit Disorder—Welcome to the 21st Century

The number of children labeled hyperactive or learning disabled has reached epidemic proportions. These children with non-compliant behavior have no obvious cause of disease to be found by physical examinations or laboratory tests. The quick cookbook response for the problem is usually a behavior modifying drug called Ritalin, as popular today as Tylenol or aspirin.

The answer for hyperactivity can be very simple, but is not an easy one. To me, hyperactivity, as any other serious chronic problem, is a sign of toxicity or deficiency or, most of the time, a combination of both. The child with a brain disorder is the same one who more than likely was not breast fed, was colicky or constipated when given formulas, and has gastro-esophageal reflux for which he or she was given Tagamet or Zantac. It is also the child who has been on multiple antibiotics for ear infection or throat infection. It is the same child who does not sleep well at night or who has frequent stomach aches or leg aches, is always congested and gets every single cold that comes around. And it is the child that is very frequently diagnosed as an asthmatic very early in life and is taking Albuterol and Prednisone.

If the nose is stressed out it runs, if the lungs are stressed out they wheeze or cough, if the stomach is stressed out it aches. When the brain is stressed out it will produce, not a rash, but a distorted thought, an inappropriate feeling, or an inaccurate perception. Ritalin helps a few children in the short run, but it is clear that it is not the answer for the long run. We, in the health field, have to find the real solution: modification of our internal and external environment, removing toxicity, cleaning our digestive system, improving immunity and liver detoxification. We have to properly feed our brain by improving our diet and by paying more attention to our intake of essential fatty acids and amino acids. Mineral intake is very much neglected nowadays. The time for a more natural and holistic approach to treating our children with brain disorders is more than overdue.