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Wise, mysterious visitors selected Lisette Larkins for spiritual initiation in the fall of 1987. She was a young wife and mother, having mysterious paranormal experiences that only she could see and hear. Initially, she feared for her sanity and the welfare of her son. On top of that, she was struggling with an abusive employer and a failing marriage. Secretly, Lisette’s husband arranged for her to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Her only possible escape was to apply the spiritual lessons that had first been posed by the strange visitors who had turned her world upside down. Armed only with profound otherworldly guidance, she set out to prove her sanity and regain custody of her son, which were “tests” designed to demonstrate her emerging spiritual mastery in calmly finding solutions to difficult problems with dignity and grace. Lisette Larkins reveals all that she has learned from wise extraterrestrial visitors who are here to help us evolve. Her fifth book, Above and Beyond, will initiate you on your journey to become more fully human by revealing the marvels of your immortal heritage and the glorious adventures of eternal life “behind the veil.”

Lisette Larkins
Author Bio

After her initial surprise at being contacted by extraterrestrials, for more than three decades of contact experiences, Lisette Larkins has been implementing her ET mentors’ counsel. As a result, she lives a dream life in Malibu, California, training at Cross Fit, volunteering with her therapy dog Kelly, writing new books, speaking and lecturing on abundance creation, creating new projects, and enjoying a life filled with laughter, abundance, and joy. Look her up at

Author comments

Author's Note

It was quite an undertaking to write this personal memoir and attempt to highlight some of my many extraordinary extraterrestrial and paranormal encounters spanning many decades. This why I have written four previous books based on the spiritual practices of my extraterrestrial contact experiences that continue to inspire my interest in spiritual awakening. I literally have had tens of thousands of contact and paranormal experiences. There's a lot of information to convey, and it has taken many different books to articulate much that I have learned.

Consistent with my experiences of evolved extraterrestrials over many decades, they continue to inspire and guide all of us, across many different domains of human experience. 

In fact, it has been an incredible soul-searching endeavor to decide which experiences best serve the mission of this particular book while charting my spiritual development. As a result, I have omitted many personal and paranormal experiences covering many years. In some cases, those experiences that are included have been combined or condensed, or they may have been overlapped, due to space constraints.

In most cases, names have been changes to protect the identity of those difficult people in my life who, as it turns out, would later prove to be most responsible for my spiritual growth and present joy and happiness. I am greatly indebted to those beloved difficult people described herein, because they are the ones who have most served my soul's growth. 

It is to them that this book is most gratefully and lovingly dedicated.

Introduction or preface


It is the day that caught the world by surprise and is still considered to be the biggest news story of the twentieth century. It would usher in new political, military, technological, and scientific developments. Even sixty years later, it is still recognized as the day when humanity stopped to look skyward and consider its place in the galaxy.


On October 4, 1957, a speeding Chevy screeched to a stop and parked in front of a suburban hospital in Southern California. From the car radio issued the excited voice of reporter Walter Cronkite, announcing that "the world will never be the same." After switching off the ignition, a young man leaped out of the car, awkwardly clutching a boquet of flowers in one hand and a newspaper in the other. Sprinting inside, he raced down the halls to the elevator, following the signs reading "Maternity Ward." As he passed the nurses' station, the nurses and doctors seemed shocked, bewildered, speechless--all mesmerized by Walter Cronkite's newscast.

As the father dashed past, Cronkite's voice continued, "This day will prove to mark the start ...," then the young man burst into a room occupied by a young mother holding her newborn. 

The baby was peacefully nursing as her father rushed to her, red-faced, breathless, waving the front page of the Los Angeles Times at her as though she could read it. "Look, baby Lisette, an omen occured on the day following your birth! The Soviet Union launched a surprise satellite--Sputnik! You've heralded the dawn of the Space Age!"


A few years later, now seven years old, Lisette was on her backyard lawn, playing "Barbie dolls" with her sister. The dolls were dressed in wedding gowns. It was a cloudless, warm summer day in Los Angeles.

Lisette's mother joined them on the lawn, commenting on the heat. As she applied sunscreen to the children's faces and arms, they squirmed at the cold feel of the lotion.

"Hold still, you don't want to get sunburned," the mother said to her children.

Suddenly a distinct, cool shadow from above passed over them. Only Lisette noticed and looked up curiously, smiling and scanning the cloudless blue sky overhead, but she saw no cause for the shadow.