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Whether you’re a novice gambler or a seasoned veteran, this easy-to-follow, fullcolor guide will enable you to walk into any casino and approach the gaming tables and slot machines with confidence. After clearly explaining the rules of each game, gambling expert Peter Svoboda details the “smart” way to play, offering unique tips and strategies that will increase your chances of winning. You’ll learn which games offer the best odds, how to make calculated wagers, and how to avoid “sucker bets.” You’ll even discover how to manage your gambling allowance. With the ever-increasing popularity of casinos, it’s clear that the gambling industry is taking the country by storm. Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game tells you not only how to get in on the action, but also how to walk away a winner.

Peter Svoboda
Author Bio

Peter Svoboda is a professional engineer with degrees in mechanical and civil engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. A veteran gambler with over thirty-five years of experience in casinos all over North America, Peter has studied the odds and probabilities of the various games to determine effective strategies of play.

Table of contents




            1.         Hook Line and Sinker 

            2.         Gambling Rules Terms and Casino Protocol 

            3.         Craps—The Game 

            4.         Craps—Systems and Strategies 

            5.         Roulette—The Game 

            6.         Roulette—Systems and Strategies 

            7.         Blackjack 

            8.         Baccarat 

            9.         Caribbean Stud Poker 

            10.       Let It Ride 

            11.       Keno 

            12.       Wheel of Fortune 

            13.       Slots 




Review Quote - Casino Detroit Magazine

"If you're inexperienced at these games, you can take an expert with you...[Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game] has all the basic playing information you need to improve your chances of winning." 

Introduction or preface


Many people have experienced gambling in one form or another. Some have even started at an early age. Have you ever played marbles? What about the card game War? Have you ever said, “I’ll bet you five cents that . . .”? Maybe you have wagered money on the outcome of the Super Bowl or another sporting event. And how many times have you been lured by the multimillion-dollar attraction of winning your state lottery?

            Those who run businesses take gambles constantly. In an effort to promote their products, some companies risk thousands or even millions of dollars on marketing campaigns. When these selling strategies work, however, they result in big payoffs. Catchy slogans like Coca-Cola’s “The Real Thing,” Nike’s “Just Do It,” Burger King’s “Have It Your Way,” and Apple computer’s “Think Different” are ingrained in the minds of most people. Did these companies take financial gambles on these marketing approaches? You bet they did! But they had done their homework. They studied the markets, measured the odds—and consequently won. Those who operate casinos are also strategic gamblers, and they are very good at it. Experts on human nature, casino owners are keenly aware of people’s strengths and weaknesses. They know what turns people on, and they use every available tool in their arsenal to attract as many “clients” as they can.

            My inspiration for writing this book came suddenly, like divine intervention, during one of my trips to Las Vegas. While walking through one of the plush and lavish casinos on the Vegas strip, suddenly my senses became keenly aware of the sights and sounds that surrounded me—the brilliant lights and enticing music emanating from the slot machines, the jingling waterfall of coins dropping into the trays of the one-armed bandits, the gentle whizzing of tiny ivory balls spinning along the perimeter of roulette wheels, the rustling of chips being gathered by dealers, and the shuffling of cards sounding like a flock of birds taking off in flight.

            Along with these mesmerizing sights and sounds, I was also aware of the people, and the common look of disappointment on so many of their faces. They had entered the casinos full of hope but were leaving with the weight of broken dreams and empty pockets. I am well aware that the odds of winning are stacked in favor of the house—that although players may get lucky and experience occasional winning streaks, in the long run, the odds are against them. The truth is, most casino gamblers literally throw their money away. They go down without a fight. Why? Because they don’t know the “smart” way to play the games. They don’t realize which games offer them the best odds or how to make the most calculated wagers. Furthermore, most people are not aware of the importance of managing their gambling allowance. Knowing how to play smart is the one way to increase your chances of winning. That is what this book is all about—it is my attempt to help educate anyone who wants to gain the advantage in casino gambling.

            Builders of these vast casino empires are nothing short of geniuses. They understand human nature and know how to appeal to the average person’s inherent fantasy of getting rich. Obviously, their efforts are working. Just look at the pace at which casinos are being built and the extreme methods that are used to lure their patrons. Today, most gambling meccas appeal to people from all walks of life—not just gamblers. In addition to their casinos, hotels in most gambling locales provide hundreds of attractions to their guests, from fabulous stage-show extravaganzas and outrageously decorated guest rooms to elegant four-star restaurants and lavish health spas. One Las Vegas hotel even has an amusement park built into its lobby to appeal to the “family” vacationers. There are points of interest at every turn, but why not drop a few dollars into that slot machine you pass along the way? Walk into any casino and see how long it takes you to make your way through the maze of slot machines and gambling tables.

            The word “gambling” has a negative connotation because it is associated with the loss of money, but this is not the way it has to be. With this book, you can increase your odds of walking away from any casino a winner. If you are going to gamble your hard-earned money, at least give yourself a fighting chance to win. Study the games. Know what you are doing. Casinos reap great profits because most gamblers are not well educated in the games they play. They count on this fact. Consider the economic benefits casinos provide. Their effect on the economy is nothing short of extraordinary, and it is your money that is creating this explosive and unprecedented growth. Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game will show you how to cash in on some of these profits.

            I am not a professional gambler. What I am is a responsible family man with a job, a mortgage, and the burden of monthly bills. I work hard for my money and certainly don’t want to throw it away foolishly. I have always enjoyed games of chance and have played them for many years. When it comes to casinos, I’ve seen my fair share. I have played in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, the Caribbean, and Atlantic City. I’ve played on cruise ships and Native American Reservations, as well. Over the years, I have spent a substantial amount of time breaking down and analyzing casino games in order to maximize my odds. In Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game, I share with you the knowledge I have gained and the lessons I have learned. And whether you are a novice gambler or an experienced player, this book will help you learn how to level the playing field in order to survive in the casinos and gain a return on your investment. It will help you become a strategic, calculating gambler.

            If you are going to gamble, be smart about it. Before entering another casino, arm yourself with the knowledge and strategies presented in this book. Read and learn. Study the odds, study the methods, and then bet with your head. The time you invest in this book will be time well spent. Use it wisely, and let it become your gaming bible.