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Designed to provide powerful transformational healing through the words of the
Buddha—the Indian spiritual leader who lived more than two thousand years ago—
this book explores how the wisdom of the past can be understood and applied in the
here and now, providing important insights into our world. Author Rashmi Khilnani,
an expert on the Ascended Masters, emphasizes many of the historical Buddha’s
teachings on detachment and the causes of pain, suffering, and ignorance, placing
them in a contemporary context for the modern reader. Topics include bringing
meditation into every aspect of your life, including eating, sleeping, and waking;
and becoming centered in detached awareness.
Buddha Speaks is a simple, highly accessible, down-to-earth roadmap for everyone
who seeks spiritual wisdom.

Rashmi Khilnani
Author Bio

Rashmi Khilnani is the author of The Diving Mother Speaks: The Healing of the Human Heart . She is an international teacher of Usui, Tibetan, Karuna(R), Raku Kei, and Original 7 Degree Reiki Master Teachers and practitioners. She has been channeling the Ascended Masters for the last fifteen years, and making these teachings simple and accessible to people of all levels of sojourning.

Table of contents



Spiritual Alchemy

Consciousness is a State of Constant Evolution

The Battle Between Love and Fear

Desire and the Buddhi Mind

The Force Field of Zen Energy

There is No Part-time Nirvana

The Non-judgment of Beingness

There are No Sides in Oneness

Love is the Answer

Each to Their Own Sacred Path

Marrying Spirit with Matter

Zero Degrees of Separation

This Wondrous Moment of Now

I am Always with You

Rashmi's Parting Words

Biography of Rashmi Khilnani

Introduction or preface


by Rashmi

I was intrigued when Bob Friedman, the publisher of my book, The Divine Mother Speakssuggested that I channel a question-and-answer book from the Buddha, and I was amazed that it actually came about. When I was back in London, I found myself hearing this soft subtle voice, which was distinctly different from other Ascended Masters I've channeled, whispering words of great wisdom to me. So it came to pass that I met my colleague and friend Amravati, who transcribed the sessions as channeled in this book.

Given the nature of this work, Amravati and I were both expecting it to be very challenging and to take a lot longer than it did. It so happened that the entire book was channeled and transcribed within fourteen sessions. Quite unbelievable!

We would begin early each day praying and meditating before an altar to the Buddha and Quan Yin and the sounds of Tibetan overtone chanting. We also played Jonathan Goldman's Chakra Chants, which is one of my favorite pieces of music for sacred initiation and ceremony.

I made it a point to not read any of my many books on the Buddha and his teachings during the time; in fact, I haven't read anything serious in terms of esoteric wisdom for quite a few years now. Prior to this phase, I have of course read for many years a vast number of metaphysical books, and am quite conversant with Hinduism and Buddhism.

Lord Buddha's life and his teachings have deeply influenced my own journey on earth here now–in fact, this whole lifetime! Yet in spite of channeling Lord Buddha's energy in healing sessions and Reiki Master Initiations, I had never expected or even considered channeling a sacred work by him. As teachers of Reiki Masters both I, and my colleague Amravati, have worked with the Buddhic energy in the teaching of many streams of Reiki Energy Mastery (Usui, Tibetan, Karuna, Raku Kei, Original 7 Degree, Seichem, and so on).

It was absolutely surprising that this powerful wisdom energy came through during our sessions, and we still wondwer about the how and why of it all. My questions to Lord Buddha were spontaneous, heartfelt, and based on deep self-inquiry in the moment, and I asked Amravati to bring her soul-felt questions of the now moment into the conversation with the Enlightened One. So, as it turned out, this became a profound journey but with questions and answers that apply to many modern aspirants.

My publisher Bob Friedman has asked me several times how I could be sure that this information comes from Buddha himself. As the book so beautifully explains, such a question comes from the mind which seeks division, separation, and definition. In unity consciousness, which is where the Buddha resides and in which I slip into during such sessions, I become my Buddha Self which is one with the All, and thus this becomes a dialogue with my own Buddha nature, as the subtitle of this book suggests.

I might add that both Amravati and I intensely felt the shift of energies in the room and in our body, heart, and soul at each channeling. During the weeks of celestial transmission, we were transported to a place of supreme bliss, serenity, peace, and timelessness. We experienced an immense feeling of euphoric joy and childlike mirth. The entire phenomenon was also extremely powerful.

Unless both the channel and the transcriber were in a clear space the channeling would stop. All the people around us at the tire felt this force field of incredible energy one way or the other. Everything else in our lives was put on hold or temporarily taken away, so that this focus could be maintained. So it was not just an amazing surprise for the publisher that the book was completed so quickly; Amravati and I were equally awestruck at the speed and simultaneous feeling of nontime within which the phenomena of this wondrous book occurred.

We are both deeply humbled by this experience and initiation.

It is up to you to the reader to feel the energy of this book with as much open-heartedness and open-mindedness as you can muster. Either these words, or more importantly the incredible energy behind these words, will touch your heart and soul or not, as the case may be.

This book has the magic and the potential to transform your life into one of joyful, detached witnessing and deep inner peace. The vibration of this sacred work has the potential to transform you completely. You have free will and you get to choose your own unique rhythm and timing for healing your mind, body, and heart.

It is truly the time now to give up the chronic disease of the mind--the disease of Separation. As has been mentioned in this book many times, let it be known that ultimately there is no separation between us and the Ascended Masters, the Angelics, and All That Is.

Ultimately the Buddha is not a person with a small "i" or a big "I"; the Buddha is a force field of wisdom energy of enlightened being and becoming that is available within the deepest inner temple space of silence that exists within each and every one of us.

I wish to make clear that this channeled material came through in the "here and now" and is not intended to conflict with any of the current prevailing Buddhist teachings or religious practices. For me, this book is not a religious one, but a purely spiritual sacred text and a unique current path to the Buddha nature within. I would also like to make clear that there are many other equally beautiful, valid, and powerful roads to the inner Buddhic temple.

As a channel for the Ascended Masters (and there are many pure channels for the enlightened ones), I am concerned with the update on metaphysical wisdom for the peaceful transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Much of the information that we recieve from the Ascended Ones comes to us based on the questions that we ask, and I have endeavored for myself and Amravati to ask the Buddha heartfelt questions on celestial wisdom based on the update for the current challenges, traumas, and blocks to enlightenment.

It is important to remember here that great beings are force fields of energy and they can come and go in many different bodies, and therefore they may not always look or sound like a previous incarnation of themselves. Or, to use the Buddha words, "From where I am now, which is beyond time and space and everywhere and nowhere, I can tap into the wisdom of all times. I can don any energy that I so please." So it was not surprising (at least to me), that he answered my inquiries in the "lingo" of our time and with modern allusions.

This is where your own feeling body will help you to choose whether this information feels right for you or not. If it feels intuitively in alignment with your higher self, accept it and flower. If not, keep seeking till you find an expression of the deep wisdom that suits you best on your soul journey.

I send you all the powerful energy of the White Lotus for deeper meditation and simultaneous groundedness.

May the Buddha be with you.

May peace be with you.

Om Silence Om

Om Compassion Om

Om Nirvana Om



March 2012

London, United Kingdom, Planet Earth